Our Winged Assistants

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Passenger planes at the airport, in the air during the flight. Passengers in the aircraft cabin. Aviation of special purpose. Refueling of agricultural aircraft with mineral fertilizers, herbicides. Airplanes spray and pollinate fields from the air. Processing a cotton field from an airplane with a chemical solution to remove leaves from cotton bushes before starting cotton harvesting with cotton harvesters. Cotton harvesters are working in the field to harvest cotton. Fire in the taiga. A plane is flying over the taiga. Firefighters parachutists jump from the plane, extinguish the fire; signal with a flare gun. Explosive boxes are thrown from the plane. Firefighters use explosions to lay a barrage, localize the fire, extinguish the remnants of the fire. Sowing saxaul seeds from an airplane to anchor the sands in the desert. Aerial photography from an airplane of glaciers, mountains, schools of fish in the sea. The plane flies over ice floes, mountains, seiners. A reconnaissance helicopter flies over the ice, plotting a course for ships in the polar sea. Shooting wolves in the tundra from a helicopter. The helicopter lands in the camp. Mail is being unloaded from the plane. Sleigh mail. Doctors in an ambulance helicopter. The helicopter lands in the village. The patient is being carried on a stretcher to the helicopter. Doctors in a helicopter examine the patient, do the procedures.
F. Minuhina
Film ID
, fire department
, sea transport
, health care
, natural disasters
, landscapes
, agriculture
, communication
, air transport
Number of Parts
V. Kalikyan
Other Creators
Sound B. Kurov
Release Date
Has Sound

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