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Part I. Footage of the chronicle of the Second World War, dedicated to the Battle of Stalingrad: the fighting of the infantry, artillery, the battle on the territory of the tractor plant, streets, in houses, the offensive of tanks, Soviet planes in the air, the arrest of Paulus's headquarters, captured German soldiers, Field Marshal Paulus, Paulus's adjutant Tadem, chief of staff Schmidt get out of the car, Soviet correspondents are filming, Paulus is at the headquarters of the 64th Army commander M.S.Shumilov, Shumilov is interrogating Paulus. Colonel-General M.S.Shumilov shares his memories (synchronously). Chronicle footage: a representative of the Voronov headquarters and the commander of the Don Front KK Rokossovsky at the location of the 65th Army, Soviet cannons are hitting, German soldiers with white flags are leaving the buildings, columns of captured Germans. Part II. Chronicle footage: captured German soldiers and officers of Paulus's army pass through the city, the road; Soviet troops enter the city, reinforce the red banners, soldiers dance to the accordion; captured German generals pass by: Sanne, Schlemor, Rinoldi, von Dremesh, the cemetery of German soldiers, trophies, a view of the liberated territory from the plane, Soviet soldiers during their rest hours, have lunch; presentation of party cards, awarding of soldiers and officers, a memorial meeting and fireworks at the Mamayev Kurgan, near the obelisk, destroyed Stalingrad from an airplane, a rally on the Square of the Fallen Fighters. Part III. Chronicle footage: combat operations of artillery, infantry, tanks, aviation; partisans mine the railway; Bulgarian and Yugoslav partisans, fighters of the French Resistance; battles for cities and towns of Europe, the Berlin operation, the capture of the Reichstag. View of the Soldier's Glory Monument, Motherland on Mamayev Kurgan, people lay flowers, including members of foreign delegations, veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Meetings of veterans. Leonid Brezhnev is speaking (synchronously) at the Mamayev Kurgan. Among those present - A. N. Kosygin. Used film documents RGAKFD, Gosfilmofond, archive of the GDR.
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