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A film chronicle about the passage of parades and demonstrations on Red Square in the city of Moscow. 1918 - A truck with demonstrators in the back is on Red Square; on the car - a large model of the Earth was installed, banners with the NDP: "... UNION OF CAPITALISTS", "1818-1918 100TH ANNIVERSARY FROM BIRTHDAY ...", a portrait of Karl Marx, red flags. Demonstrators are coming. [1918] - A line of Red Army soldiers is standing on Red Square, a truck with people in the back is driving past them, cavalrymen are riding; background - St. Basil's Cathedral. Demonstration in the square: a horse-drawn carriage with people and a large five-pointed star, with models of the Hammer and Sickle; rides a car turned into an impromptu podium. Puffs of black smoke over the Upper Rows building. [1918-1919] - On the square, against the background of the Historical Museum, cavalrymen with pikes are riding. [1918-1921] - There are columns of demonstrators on the square, a monument to K. Minin and D. Pozharsky is visible. Columns of demonstrators, workers with rifles, Red Army men, cavalry are moving from the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed across the square. [1918-1923] - Parade on the square: the commander greets the mounted artillery; Red Army men are walking with a banner. [1919-1923] - Spectators of the parade; on the dome of the building - Hammer and Sickle (shooting from behind the battlements on the Kremlin wall). [1919-1925] - A brass band and a column of Red Army soldiers are walking along the city street; in the background - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. 1922-1923 - Monument "Worker" (sculptor FK Leht) at the Kremlin wall; demonstrators at the monument. Red Army soldiers during the parade. November 7, 1923 - Buildings of the Historical Museum, Middle Trading Rows, GUM (State Department Store). In the square - Red Army men, a line of trumpeters. Near the monument to K. Minin and D. Pozharsky are Red Army soldiers, a brass band. Formation of cavalrymen with pikes in front of the GUM building. Red Army men are filmed by three cameramen. Demonstrators are walking across the square against the background of the Nikolskaya Tower of the Kremlin with banners: “SIX YEARS AGO THE LANDLANDS AND CAPITALISTS HAVE BEEN DISPOSED. YES SIXTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE RELEASE OF WORKERS AND PEASANTS "," WORKERS AND PEASANTS IN THE FIGHT FOR PEACE, ... ". [1923] - A man is speaking from the rostrum at the Kremlin wall in the square, a crowd of people is standing nearby; on the podium - the "Hammer and Sickle" emblem. On the Kremlin wall there are banners: "... [THE RED ARMY] THE ONLY SALVATION OF EUROPE", "GERMAN STEAM HAMMER AND SOVIET BREAD WILL WIN THE WHOLE WORLD." L.B. Kamenev. A line of Red Army soldiers is standing at the GUM building on the square. [1923-1925] - Near the GUM building near the monument to K. Minin and D. Pozharsky are Red Army soldiers, a brass band. On the square with rifles are detachments of workers. [1924] - Wooden Mausoleum of V.I. Lenin; in the background - the Nikolskaya Tower of the Kremlin. There is a group of people on the Mausoleum. November 7, 1925 - Red Army parade. M.V. Frunze on horseback takes the parade. Red Army soldiers in the ranks.
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