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A film about the pioneer hero Pavlik Morozov (1918-1932), who denounced his father for helping dispossessed peasants, and was killed by his relatives. The film uses amateur video recordings of A. Belobokov - interviews with relatives, classmates and fellow villagers of P. Morozov (sinhr.). Monuments to P. Morozov: in the children's park. P. Morozov in Moscow; in the village of Gerasimovka, Tavdinsky district, Sverdlovsk region: at the place of death, at the grave, on the square of the village. City of Moscow: the building of the Historical Museum on Red Square, the Kremlin. Part I. Amateur videos from the personal archive of the screenwriter O. Osetinsky: young pianist Polina Osetinskaya during rehearsals and performances; O. Osetinsky gives an interview after the renunciation of his daughter (sinhr.). Filmmaker V. P. Alchikov from Tavda, Sverdlovsk region demonstrates his film about Pavlik Morozov, gives interviews (sinhr.). Tavda city: railway station building, street im. P. Morozov, the building of the hotel "Sever". Part II. Pioneer camp them. P. Morozov. Composer V. V. Kukin performs "Song of the Young Hero", talks about its creation (sinhr.). Chronicle footage: late 1920s-1934 - pioneers present flowers to members of the government on the podium of the Lenin Mausoleum (among those present - I. V. Stalin, A. I. Mikoyan, G. Ye. Zinoviev); 1920-30s - pioneer detachments on the streets of villages and cities; children try on outerwear and hats in the atelier; children participate in war games; late 1920s - early 1930s - rallies in villages during collectivization; 1930s - sports parades on Red Square. Part III. The village of Gerasimovka: the streets of the village, external and internal views of the P. Morozov Museum. Chronicle footage: 1921 - footage from the movie "Hunger in the Volga Region": a horse dying of exhaustion lies on the ground, huts without roofs, abandoned agricultural implements, a child crawls over a woman lying on the ground, a peasant family lies in the hut; 1920s - children participate in anti-religious performance; anti-religious carnival on a city street; late 1920s - early 1930s - rallies in villages; life and holidays of the peasants; carts with grain pass through the streets of the villages; confiscation of hidden grain from peasants. Part IV. Newborns in the hospital. First graders at the school line on September 1. Young people are dancing in a disco. Cold weapons and firearms confiscated from criminals. Police officers detain a group of teenagers on the street. Prisoners are reinforcing the barbed wire. Chronicle footage: 1933 - the pioneer Mitya Gordienko, who detained the plunderers of the collective farm grain, returns from the rally of the sentinels of Ukraine; children meet him (North Caucasian Territory, Olginskaya station, commune named after May 1); 1934 - pioneer Olya Balykina, who exposed her father during collectivization, at a city meeting of pioneers in Kazan: stands on the stage, receives gifts, performs; 1935 - the guys in the hut hang a portrait of the pioneer Nikita Senin, who was killed during collectivization, take part in a memorial meeting (Kosyn village). Part V. Chronicle footage: [1950s] - P. Morozov's mother, Tatyana Morozova, on the Black Sea coast (Crimea); April, 1989 - a clash of government troops with participants in an unsanctioned rally near the Government House in Tbilisi on the night of April 8-9; funeral of the victims (video) Part VI. Writer Y. Druzhnikov, author of the book "The Ascension of Pavlik Morozov", forced to emigrate from the USSR, speaks of P. Morozov (Davis, USA). The audience at the cemetery. Believers at the service in the temple. Chronicle footage: 1930s - sports parades on Red Square; 1948 - the opening of the monument to P. Morozov in the children's park named after P. Morozov in Moscow; 1954 - opening of the monument to P. Morozov in the village of Gerasimovka; January, 1982 - the funeral of Mikhail Suslov, member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, on Red Square: the military are carrying awards and wreaths; L.I. Brezhnev, N.A. Tikhonov, V.V. Kuznetsov, V.V. Grishin at the head of the funeral procession; November, 1982 - the funeral of Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, on Red Square: among those present - N.A. Tikhonov, V.V. Grishin, Yu.V. Andropov, G.A. Aliev, E. Honnecker, Y. Tsedenbal, N. Ceausescu, V. Jaruzelsky, F. Castro Rus, Y. Arafat.
P. Filimonov
Film ID
places of detention
, cinematography
, railroad transport
, a family
, rural settlements
, atheistic propaganda
, pioneer organization
, international connections
, discos
, printing
, collectivization of agriculture
, offenses
Number of Parts
M. Punas
Other Creators
Composer A. Kharyutchenko, sound engineer L. Shcherbakova, editor I. Pavlova, film director L. Fedorenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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