Parliamentarians of Cambodia in the Soviet Union Special Issue

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The leaders of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR: P. Lobanov, Ya. V. Peive, M. P. Georgadze meet at the Vnukovo airfield the parliamentary delegation of Cambodia, headed by the Chairman of the Council of the Kingdom Sam Nean. Receiving members of the delegation in the Kremlin, PP Lobanov and Ya. V. Peive. Parliamentarians visiting the Moscow Kremlin, Moscow State University, the All-Union Industrial Exhibition. Delegation trip around the country. Tashkent city. Delegates at a reception with Sh. R. Rashidov, with the vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan IM Muminov. Visit to the Tashkent textile mill, the collective farm named after Stalin, Yangi-Yul district. City of Stalingrad; Mamaev Kurgan, streets, square. Nean himself lays a wreath at the monument to the defenders of Stalingrad. Parliamentarians of Cambodia at the Stalingrad Tractor Plant, at the Stalingrad Hydroelectric Power Station, on a boat trip along the Volga-Don Canal. The city of Kiev, Vladimirskaya Gorka, the Dnieper River. Delegates at a reception at the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR D. S. Korotchenko. A visit by the delegation to the collective farm "Chervonyi Khleborob". City of Leningrad; monument to Peter I, Peter and Paul Fortress, Winter Palace, Smolny; delegates visiting the sights of Leningrad, the Hermitage. Meeting of the members of the delegation with the chairman of the Leningrad City Executive Committee N. I. Smirnov. Visit to the Leningrad branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Members of the delegation visiting the ancient manuscripts of the East. The director of the Institute, Academician B. Gafurov, is present. Moscow city. Komsomolskaya Square, Bolshoi Theater, Gorky Street, Borodinsky Bridge. Receiving delegations MP Tarasov, KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev.
E. Zalkind
Film ID
, science
, energy
, collective farms
, architecture
, local government authorities
, higher education
, textile industry
, river transport
, educational activities
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, tractor construction
, history
, uzbekistan
, painting
Number of Parts
A. Listvin, P. Opryshko, M. Popova
Other Creators
Sound D. Ovsyanikov. Text V. Gorokhov
Release Date
Has Sound

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