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The newsreel has five plots. Russia, Tambov province, s. Kulevatovo. Opening of the monument to Alexander II: peasant women with icons are standing near the closed monument; in front of the monument there is an arch decorated with flags and garlands; the veil falls from the monument. The building of the Kulevatov volost government and the volost court. Representatives of the authorities, zemstvos lay flowers. Consecration of the monument. France, Lyon. View of a section of the railway and tunnels. Workers clear the railway track from the wreckage of a train that crashed on August 6, 1912. Broken wagons. Adults and children are standing by the damaged steam locomotive. Germany, Nuremberg. Collapsed workshop building at the Franken factory. Policemen, camper van in the factory yard. Italy, Rome. Soldiers of the colonial Italian troops run up the stairs near the monument in honor of the first king of unified Italy, Victor Emmanuel II, at the Venice Square in Rome. The audience stands in the square under the umbrellas behind the fence. France. Car races on the track in the highlands, spectators are standing. The car drives along the highway, throwing up clouds of dust on the public. The winner of the Boileau races sits in car number 35; the racers shake hands with him.
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, rural settlements
, automobile sport
, ecological hydr
, natural disasters
, villages
, monuments
, cities
, railway transport
, disasters
, ground troops
93,8 м
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