Payback for Betrayal

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The film exposes the true face of rabid anti-Sovietists, "Knights of the Cold War", employees of Radio Liberty and Free Europe. 1h - Scenery. The mountains. Akhror Agzamov in the courtyard of the museum. Minaret. Chronicle: Vlasov with German officers. German soldiers are leading people to be shot. Director and cameraman at the filming camera. V. Cassis and L. Kolosov are speaking. People go down the plane. Dushanbe airport building. Ruzi Fazil is crying. Cemetery. 2h - Chronicle: explosion, houses are burning, there is a tank firing a plane. Soviet soldiers at the cannon. Prisoners behind the barbed wire of a concentration camp. Monument to General Karbyshev. Vlasov passes by in Hitler's uniform. The partisans are shooting. Shooting traitors. The Germans are shooting people. Radio Liberty building. 3h - Sister Igomkulova is crying at her mother's tombstone. Build legionnaires. Ishambetov Gabur. Smiling mullah. A group of worshipers. Funeral procession. The gallows with the hanged. 4h -Streets of Munich at night. M. Oronbaev stands at the table. Street of Paris. K. Dusmat passes by. An old ship in the port. Streets of Rome. The police beat and disperse the demonstrators. 5h - American soldiers are beating up Vietnamese residents. Green Berets training. This is Barton Osbori speaking. Greetings from Soviet soldiers. Senate Building in Washington DC. Thomas Braden speaking. H. Go-Feng greets Margaret Thatcher. 6h - Uzbek ensemble on stage. Assembly workers at work. The pioneers are running. Doctor with a newborn. Steelworkers in the shop. Tractors in the field. Women hug soldiers returning from the front.
E. Kuzin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, france
, italy
, pioneer organization
, foreign countries (germany
, metallurgical industry
, museums
, islam
, landscapes
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, air transport
, usa)
Number of Parts
A. Pestrolobov
Other Creators
V. Cassis, L. Kolosov, E. Evseeva, D. Rakhmanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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