Peaceful Atom of Dubna

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Types of Dubna in the Moscow region. Building and laboratories of the international scientific center of the socialist countries - the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Scientists in laboratories. Synchrophasotron, cyclotron, synchrocyclotron, pulsed reactor IBR-30, measuring and computing complex of the institute. Meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute; Director of the Institute Academician N. N. Bogolyubov is speaking. Building and laboratory of Tbilisi State University; physicists in the laboratory. Speech by scientists at the international symposium on nuclear electronics in Dubna. Scientists at an exhibition of electronic devices during the symposium. Lesson at the school of mathematicians and theoretical physicists, organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the European Center for Nuclear Research in Alushta in 1975; the lesson is taught by Academician N. N. Bogolyubov. The building and laboratories of the Institute of High Energy Physics in Protvino in the Moscow Region. View of Batavia in the USA. American scientists in the laboratory at a supersonic jet target. Installation of a cyclotron for a Polish scientific laboratory. A group of scientists led by Sarantsev in the laboratory are working on a new type of accelerator. Employees of the Institute for Nuclear Research in a column of demonstrators on the street of Dubna; scientists on the podium.
L. Makhnach
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higher professional education
, scientific connections
, physics
, technical physics and applied mathematics
, cities
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V. Kiselev
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