Peaceful Life of a Retired Major

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The film tells about a resident of the village of Orezh, Luga district of the Leningrad region, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, pensioner Vasily Petrovich Terentyev, who tried to draw public attention to the preservation of a unique corner of the nature of the White Stone tract. Part 1 Leningrad Region, Luga District. Summer. V.P. Terentyev with his dog crosses the stream, types on a typewriter in the room of his house, walks along the corridor, his wife cooks food on the stove. V.P. Terentyev dresses in the hallway, says goodbye to his wife, goes out, unties the dog, leaves the yard, sits at an abandoned wooden house, with a dog on a leash walks along a sandy quarry, with a dog walks across the field, fog. Panorama of a log house, a river flows. Fern bush, river in the forest. The boarded up window of an abandoned house. A butterfly beats on the window. Tall flowers in the meadow. A spider in a web among the blades of grass. The dog runs along the road among the abandoned dilapidated two-story stone houses. Birds circle their nests in the sandstone. Excavators level out bulk sand in Tesovskie bogs. Work on the production of peat bedding for livestock at the site of Tesovskie bogs. View of the raised bog "White Stone". Front photographs by V.P. Terentyev on the wall. Part 2 of the Leningrad region., Luga district. V.P. Terentyev sits on a stone in the middle of the swamp, makes notes in a notebook, a dog sits next to him. V.P. Terentyev is leafing through papers at the table in his house - positive answers to his petition from the village council to declare the Bely Kamen tract a nature reserve, sailing in a rowboat on the lake among the wooded shores, walking along the road with a dog on a leash. Flowers in the swamp. Duckweed in the swamp. Bubbles come to the surface of the water in the swamp. Feet in boots walk through the swamp. Marsh plants, mosses. Medicinal plants of swamps White stone. Marsh flower sundew. Swamp berry. Chicks in the nest. Swamp "White Stone", fog. The river flows over the stones.
O. Nifontova
Film ID
peat industry
, environmental protection
, nature reserves
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, rural recreation
Number of Parts
G. Dubrovin
Other Creators
A. Vasinsky, O. Nifontova, Y. Yazan, A. Romanov, V. Russo, N. Geshelina
Release Date
Has Sound

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