People of One Plant

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A film about the glorious work collective of one of the largest factories in the USSR - the First State Bearing Plant. Moscow. View of the streets, the CMEA building, the Lenin Library, new houses. Production processes at the First State Bearing Plant. Plant worker, deputy of the Moscow City Council NI Motova during work, at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Moscow City Council for Nature Protection, in a hostel with workers at the plant, students of the plant vocational school during classes, on an excursion in the plant shop. Mentor V. Muratov gives explanations to students, answers the teacher's questions in the classroom at the evening college. The director of the plant, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the State Prize holds a planning meeting with the heads of the shops in the conference hall of the plant. Production leader A. V. Afonin at work, with his daughter Lena on the deck of the ship. Afonin's daughter Lena plays the role of Juliet in the play. The inventor of the plant V.V. scars behind drawings, talks about a flaw detector of his own design to a young specialist. The Shchegolkov family - Vladimir, Alexander, Elena and their father Viktor Mikhailovich during work, at home. Factory workers, director at the communist subbotnik. Exterior and interior views of the factory dormitories of the plant. Dormitory workers are drinking tea. View of the new buildings under construction of the plant. Chronicle: production processes in the first years of the plant's operation. Foreign delegations visiting the plant. Among them are the Cuban delegation led by Che Guevara, the Finnish delegation led by President U. Kekkonen, and the Czechoslovak delegation led by President G. Husak. Plant Director A. Gromov in the shop, at the desk, during the award ceremony, at home.
N. Gulchuk
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, secondary vocational education
, leisure
, local government authorities
, cuba
, theatre
, invention
, mechanical engineering
, political connections
, finland
, libraries
, czechoslovakia
, cities
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V. Dadayan
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