People of the Land of Kuznetsk

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A film about the people of Kuzbass. Kuzbass. Urban landscapes. Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine. Production processes in workshops. People at work. Says the director of the West Siberian Metallurgical Plant L. S. Klimasenko (synchronously). Construction of the workshops of the plant. Road construction. The manager of the road construction trust ZV Samsonova among the workers, talks about his life (synchronously). Bulgaria. Sofia city. Kemerovo delegates at the festival of youth and students. Kemerovo region. Director of the state farm "Kuzbassky" VK Dybenko travels around the fields, talking with collective farmers. Settlement Temirtau. AV Dyakov at the instruments in his observatory, talks about observing the sun, predicting the weather (synchronously). Rural landscape. Self-taught artist Yu. G. Selivanov is busy with the housework, drawing. Pictures of Yu. G. Selivanov. The city of Prokopyevsk. Miners go through the mine, go down into the mine. V. Sorokaletov near the device invented by him, at work. Celebrating Miner's Day. Solemn welcome of the miners rising to the surface. A brass band is playing. Speakers (synchronously). The city of Kiselevsk. City Party Committee. Admission of new members. Communists are speaking (synchronously). Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR N. G. Kochetov is receiving visitors (synchronously). Novokemerovo chemical plant. Chief engineer N. M. Vdovin passes through the shops, among the workers, gives interviews (synchronously). Landscapes of the city park. The orchestra is playing. Conductor Kapishnikov is speaking. The cities of Novokuznetsk, Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo. New buildings, street views, residents on the streets. Workers in the shops of enterprises.
M. Litvyakov
Film ID
extractive industry
, science
, energy
, road transport
, metallurgy
, state agricultural enterprises
, holidays
, cultural connections
, home life
, communist parties
, chemical industry
, music
, higher state bodies
, astronomy
, painting
Number of Parts
Y. Nikolaev, E. Shinkarenko
Other Creators
Script V. Alekseev, M. Litvyakov, music N. Martynov, sound B. Kemstach, S. Shugal
Release Date
Has Sound

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