Peoples Republic of Bulgaria

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The film tells about the achievements of Bulgaria for 30 years of people's power. 1 part. Landscapes of Bulgaria: mountains, valleys, river. Stara Planina Mountains; flocks of sheep graze in the mountains. Women dry tobacco leaves. Landscapes of the environs of Pleven: poppies in the field, a branch of a blossoming apple tree. General view of one of the petrochemical enterprises. Construction of production workshops: assembly, welding. Construction of residential buildings in one of the cities of Bulgaria. General view of the bridge over the Danube in Ruse, which connects Bulgaria with Romania and the Soviet Union. Installation of the power line support. Carrying out works on laying the USSR-Bulgaria gas pipeline. General view of the construction of the 1st Kozloduy nuclear power plant on the Balkan Peninsula. General view of the building of one of the engineering enterprises, production processes in the shops. General view of the workshop of the car assembly plant "Balkan", where Soviet and Czechoslovak cars "Moskvich" and "Skoda" are assembled. Chemical plant for the production of cellulose and artificial fibers "Sviloza" in Svishtov. Types of Pleven and the monuments of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 The tractor works the land on one of the farms of the Danube plain. Pollination of fields from pests from an airplane. The work of irrigation plants in the fields in Dobrudja. Combine harvesters are harvesting wheat. Grain of the new harvest on the current. Piglets with a sow in the pen of a pig farm in one of the farms. The poultry woman takes out cells with chickens from the incubator. General view of the capital of medieval Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo. The city of Gabrovo: a view of the sculpture at the entrance to the city, streets, houses, an ethnographic museum with exhibits. A man works on an old loom. Production processes in the shops of the Balkankar enterprise. Landscapes of Bulgaria on the way to the southern part of the country (removed from motion): mountains, valleys, villages. The road through the passes in the mountains. General views of the Shipka Pass and the monument to the defenders of Shipka (filmed from a helicopter). Southern Bulgaria: vineyards, rose plantations in the Thracian lowland. Harvesting tomatoes in the fields of one of the agricultural enterprises. General view of greenhouses. Greenhouse workers harvest tomatoes. Cucumbers, pack vegetables in boxes. Harvesting grapes. The harvested grapes are poured into containers at one of the wineries. Fermentation of wine in vats. Type of agricultural machinery in one of the farms. The work of irrigation installations on the plantation of roses. General view of the service station of the reservoir. G. Dimitrova in the valley of roses. Collecting rose petals for the subsequent receipt of rose oil - an export item in the country's economy. Musicians in national costumes ride a cart, play national instruments. Collecting tobacco on plantations in the Rhodope region. Drying tobacco. Sheep of sheep graze in pastures. General view of the sheep breeding farm. Sheep in the pens. Mechanized distribution of feed to sheep. Part 2. Types of one of the settlements, power lines. View of the mountain river on which the hydroelectric power station was built. Panorama of the power plant. General view of the turbine hall of the station. An employee of the station monitors the readings of the instruments. Carts with ore move along a cable car at a polymetallic ore deposit in the Rhodope Mountains, by rail. Panorama over the city of Rudozem. People on the streets of the city. View of the city of Kardzhali. The movement of vehicles along the streets of the city. Pirin region in Bulgaria. Production processes in the shops of one of the enterprises of the electronic industry. General view of electronic computers assembled at the IZOT plant. Workers in one of the shops collect electronic circuits. Processing of wood coming from the Soviet Union at one of the enterprises of the woodworking industry in Bulgaria. Extraction of brown coal at a deposit in Bulgaria. Wagons with lignite coal move along the railroad tracks. General view of the complex of thermal power plants "Maritsa-Vostok", built on the basis of brown coal. Internal views of the turbine room of one of the thermal power plants and the main control panel. Panorama of the nitrogen fertilizer plant in Dimitrovgrad. The work of the production line for the production of fertilizers. Fertilizer packaging in bags. Panorama over the city of Plovdiv. View of the river, bridge. Production processes in the shops of one of the textile enterprises. General view of the territory of the Plovdiv fair (filmed from the top point). Demonstration of the work of machines, machine tools in the pavilions of the exhibition. Monument to the Soviet soldier - Alyosha. General view of the seaport in Varna. Port cranes work. Unloading work in the port. Shipyard in Varna. Preparations for launching the new vessel "Bryansk Machine Building". Solemn meeting of builders on the occasion of the launch of the first stage of the industrial complex for the production of soda ash - the Devno plant. General views of the seaport in Burgas and the petrochemical plant. Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria - Sozopol and Nessebar. Old streets in Sozopol. Panorama of the coastal hotels in the resorts of Polbene and Golden Sands. View of Sofia from the plane. General view of Vitosha Mountain. Landscapes of Vitosha. Streets of Sofia, houses. General view of the ancient church of St. Sophia and the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. The movement of vehicles along the streets of Sofia. People on the streets of the city. Streets of Sofia, named after Marshal Fyodor Tolbukhin, Major Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, and others. A girl feeds pigeons in the park. The building of the Sofia University. General view of the square named after 9th September. Mausoleum of Georgy Dimitrov. Changing of the guard of honor at the Mausoleum. Celebration of the Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Sofia. Columns of demonstrators are passing through the 9th September square. Production processes at one of the light industry enterprises in Sofia. Automatic filling of juice at one of the food industry enterprises in Sofia. The work of automatic machines. General view of the motorcars assembled at the electric and motorcar production plant in Sofia. Production processes in the shops of one of the radio engineering enterprises. General view of the enterprises of the Sofia-Pernish industrial hub. Production processes at the Pernish Metallurgical Combine - the flagship of the heavy industry.
N. Pimenova
Film ID
, fuel industry
, fertilizer production
, petrochemical industry
, building
, livestock
, christianity
, sea transport
, water supply
, foreign countries (bulgaria)
, mechanical engineering
, landscapes
, shipbuilding industry
, cities
, automotive industry
, plant growing
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
screenwriter V. Fost, editor L. Fine-Hirsch
Release Date
Has Sound

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