Peru - Millennia and Three Years

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The aftermath of the earthquake in Peru. Destruction. The soldiers are dismantling the ruins. The wounded. Lima city. Streets, monuments. The airport. Airplanes land, take off. Landscapes of mountains, lakes, deserts. Flocks of sheep and lamas graze. Types of men, women in national costumes. The trip of President V. Alvarado across the country. Oil production. Oil refinery in Talara. Celebrating the Day of National Dignity in Talara. Military parade. Peasant village. The peasants cultivate the land with a hoe, a plow, plow the land on oxen, spin wool. Wedding in the village. The funeral. Sugarcane harvesting. Transfer of land to peasants. Signing a contract. Organization of a cooperative. Feast at Lake Titicaca. A performance is played - a legend about the emergence of the Inca empire. Catholic cathedral. Remains of the Inca fortress Machu Picchu. Meeting "77" - representatives of Asia, Africa, Latin America in Lima. V. Alvarado is speaking. Stay in Peru F. Castro, Salvador Allende. Pacific Fair in Lima. President V. Alvarado in the Soviet pavilion. Bullfighting. Matador Domingin in the arena. Feast of the "Lilac Christ". Removal of icons. Priests are passing by. Trade in the bazaar. Jewelry store showcase. Fight of roosters in Lima. Boxer K. Clay is present. Spectators place bets. Housing, dam, ship construction. Coal and ore mining. Amazon river. Boats with passengers are passing by. Jungle. Indians are passing by. The Indian throws the spear. Indian village. Life and everyday life in the village. Soviet specialists are drilling oil wells in Trampeteros. Melting steel at a metallurgical plant in Chimbot.
V. Troshkin
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economic communications
, fuel industry
, national life
, holidays
, leisure
, rituals
, air transport
, land use
, livestock
, religion
, river transport
, foreign policy
, natural disasters
, metallurgy
, shipbuilding
, agriculture
, trade
, plant growing
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O. Artseulov, V. Troshkin
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There is no data
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