Physics Achievements and Development Paths

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The film tells about the fundamental laws of physics, about the problems that correspond to the main stages of the development of science. The film consists of 3 parts and is intended for students of physics departments: 1. Mechanics. Atomism. Wave-corpuscle dualism. 2. Electromagnetism. Waves and photons. Light 3. Space and time. Fundamental interactions. Elementary particles. The film includes the following filming: laboratory experiments and research, the type of laser installation. The film uses newsreel footage: scientists conducting experiments in the laboratory, K.E. Tsiolkovsky in the study and conducting experiments, L.D. Landau and N. Bohr in the study and among scientists, academicians Kurchatov and Tamm are sitting on a bench, S. Korolev, gives the command to launch the carrier rocket, the launch of the Vostok spacecraft, Y. Gagarin in the cockpit of the spacecraft, a nuclear explosion, the view of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the accident, L. N. Tolstoy for a walk, A. Einstein plays the violin , N. Bohr in a group of scientists, general view of radar installations, academician N. Basov at the laser installation, movement of an air cushion train in Japan, Tokamak installation, launch of the Challenger spacecraft, speech by academician A.D. Sakharov at the presentation him the A. Einstein Prize and before Japanese students, the Nobel Prize for physicists, including L. Landau, the view of Hiroshima after the atomic explosion.
T. Tavridyan
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higher professional education
, physics
, energy
, japan
, usa
, railway transport
, space exploration
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O. Fedotov, O. Fedorov
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