Pieces of the Chronicle The Funeral of Lenin

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Selected subjects: K. E. Voroshilov, V. M. Molotov, Rykov, N. I. Bukharin, Tomsky, Rudzutak, Uglanov, G. K. Ordzhonikidze on the podium. Film portraits: A. V. Lunacharsky, M. I. Kalinin, N. I. Muralova, A. T. Shlyapnikova (Deputy People's Commissar of Labor); A. S. Yenukidze in Georgia. Hungry people, refugees. The civil war in China: soldiers of the Chinese army in the city, at a rally, at a machine gun, artillery pieces, firing guns; the movement of trams, cars, rickshaws along the streets of one of the Chinese cities, a destroyed city. Armed Red Army soldiers on an armored train. S.M.Budyonny on horseback. Arrays of armored trains at the station, armored train on the way, a gun on an armored train. Armored cars with soldiers; KE Voroshilov with his son at the airfield, airship in the air. Soldiers in gas masks are walking across the field. The funeral of V. I. Lenin: the funeral train approaches the station platform. The Red Army soldiers carry out the coffin with Lenin's body. People at the station. Column Hall of the House of Unions: V. I. Lenin in a coffin. N.K. Krupskaya, M.I.Ulyanova, E. Yaroslavsky at the coffin. People on the guard of honor. Funeral procession in the Hall of Columns, on the streets of Moscow. People in Red Square, near the Bolshoi Theater, Okhotny Ryad, warming themselves by the fire. Among those present at the funeral: S. M. Budyonny, K. E. Voroshilov, S. M. Kirov, I. V. Stalin, V. M. Molotov, K. Zetkin, N. I. Bukharin, Zinoviev, Tomsky, Rudzutak and etc.
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railroad transport
, red army
, state figures
, cities
, air transport
, foreign countries (china)
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