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Walking on a Sunday in a large glade of Izmailovsky Park (on a "patch") of natives of Tambov, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Kaluga, Vladimir villages and villages who came to Moscow in the 1930s, in the late 1940s, in the 1950s, 1970s for recruitment (organized recruitment of labor force) to work at construction sites, industrial enterprises in Moscow. The gathered participants of the festivities dance, sing ditties. Men play the button accordion, accordion. Interview (synchronously) P. I. Kazharina, S. A. Kovbasyuk, I. P. Gomozenkov, V. I. Isaeva, A. S. Soboleva, P. Isakov, V. and N. Alishin, talking about the reasons for the mass departure youth from villages and villages, difficult working conditions, housing problems of people who came to Moscow. Newsreel. Women collective farmers are harvesting wheat with sickles. Collective farmers stir up hay, stack it in haystacks. Collective farm pantry. Distribution of products by workdays (50 g of grain per 1 workday). The militiamen enter the barn, take the grain stocks from the kulak, load sacks of grain onto the cart. A tractor with grain handed over to the state by the peasants is passing through the village. Yaroslavsky Station Square. A man with things leaves the Moscow railway station. Construction of a house on Gorky Street in Moscow, a high-rise building of the Ukraine Hotel. Lifting containers with bricks. Writer FV Gladkov, film director GA Aleksandrov, worker Shabalin in new apartments. Images from the feature film "The Light Path".
A. Hanyushin
Film ID
, cinematography
, leisure
, collective farms
, relaxation
, literature
, employment
, private farm
, railway transport
, utilities
Number of Parts
A. Zaitsev, A. Lobov
Other Creators
Screenplay by N. Degtev, I. Vasiliev, Sound L. Vareninov, A. Grebeshkov, A. Andrianov, I. Smirnov
Release Date
Has Sound

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