Pioneer Two-Year Plan

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Pioneers in full dress greet the delegates of the party congress in the hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses: give flowers to members of the presidium, read poetry (synchronously). Museum of V.I. Lenin, organized by the pioneers of the city of Mogilev: the pioneer conducts an excursion for schoolchildren in the museum hall (c / t plans). Pioneers of Lipetsk collect scrap metal; watching the process of metal melting in an open-hearth furnace in the shop of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant. Types of Yerevan. Pioneers lay bricks to build a house in Yerevan. Children wash windows, plant trees, water seedlings. Types of the city of Norilsk. Plant species in the winter garden of the first school in Norilsk; biology teacher PI Rostov conducts classes in the school circle of young naturalists in the winter garden. Pioneers of the Kamchatka region collect rose hips for a regional poultry farm. Kyrgyz pioneers caring for lambs at the Issyk-Kul Experimental Sheep Station. Pioneers of Latvia collect pollen from corn at the school site. Pioneers of Uzbekistan harvest fruits in the orchard; picking cotton on the field of one of the collective farms of the Uzbek SSR. Schoolchildren are working on the electrification of their school in a mountain village, in the Carpathian Mountains. The pioneers are carrying out repair work at the locomotive depot of the Malaya Gorkovskaya Railway. Members of the "Pioneer Flotilla" in the Far East wash the deck of the ship. The guys make mock-ups of spaceships in the rocket science laboratory of the Krasnodar Palace of Pioneers. Types of streets in Lviv. Pioneers in Lvov sew clothes for dolls in the atelier of the city Palace of Pioneers. Making puppets for puppet theater by pioneers. Rehearsal of the children's dance ensemble of the Moscow Palace of Culture of motorists. The dance "Lark" is being performed. Pioneers of Alma-Ata perform physical exercises, do gymnastics. The pioneer detachment goes on a campaign; view of the tourist camp of the pioneers.
Z. Fomina
Film ID
, out-of-school education
, school education
, educational work
, building
, livestock
, sea transport
, metallurgical industry
, childrens organizations
, tourism
, higher state bodies
, railway transport
, plant growing
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