Plans and Life Three Fields Under One Sky

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The farm "Russia" in the Stavropol Territory. A flock of sheep, a herd of goats, a livestock farm; pumping station, irrigation system, reservoir. Harvesting grain harvesters. Meeting of the members of the collective farm board. Chairman of the collective farm "Russia" V. Vrana. The student brigade of the collective farm secondary school is working on the collective farm field. Students in the school laboratory. Collective farmers are resting in the inter-collective farm sanatorium "Stavropol" on the Black Sea coast. Estonia. Fishing collective farm "Hiiu Kalur", located on one of the islands of the Baltic Sea. Collective farm fishing vessels at sea for fishing. Processing of fish caught in the shops of the collective farm fish processing plant. Kolkhoz settlement. Family in the apartment of the collective farm house. Children in kindergarten. Collective farmers in the restaurant in the evening. Collective farm yachtsmen on yachts at sea. A visit to the "Hiiu Kalur" collective farm by Angolan fishermen, the chairman of the collective farm H. Maide is present. Uzbekistan. Harvesting cotton in the fields of the collective farm "Politotdel". Schoolchildren in the classroom in general education, music schools. Collective farm athletes play ball hockey, volleyball. Says (synchronously) collective farm chairman, Hero of Socialist Labor T. Hwang.
V. Musatova
Film ID
economic communications
, out-of-school education
, leisure
, school education
, fishing
, collective farms
, food industry
, public catering
, health care
, water supply
, preschool education
, sailing
, fishing farms
, home life
Number of Parts
A. Lebedev
Other Creators
Script A. Ivaschenko, sound I. Smirnov
Release Date
Has Sound

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