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1 box LETTER FROM PRESIDENT R.F. B. N. YELTSIN TO THE CITIZENS OF RUSSIA (sinhr.): President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin says that a draft of the new Constitution of the Russian Federation has been prepared, which will be published in the near future. He also says that for 3 years the question arose: “Is a new Constitution necessary, is it possible to do with the old,“ patched up ”one. The answer to this question was given by life itself: if the new Constitution had been adopted on time, there would have been no need to resort to extreme measures to protect democracy. The absence of a democratic constitution came at a heavy price. Now we need order - a lasting, legal order. The draft Constitution is submitted to a referendum on December 12. The people must accept it. Only by relying on the will of the people can the Russian statehood be strengthened. The Constitution will allow to establish and strengthen the interaction of the President, government, Federal Assembly, judicial bodies. " Further, the president says that the project was worked on: a constitutional commission, a constitutional meeting. The interests of all subjects of the federation have been taken into account. The main duty of the authorities is to observe and protect human and civil rights and freedoms. Russian President Boris Yeltsin listed some of the norms of the new Constitution. 2 cor. Continuation of the speech of the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin with an appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation. The President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin speaks about the draft of the new Constitution of the Russian Federation. President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin also touched upon the federal structure of Russia. All national territories and administrative units: republics, autonomous republics, territories and regions have equal rights and equal status. A number of dangerous provisions that were imposed by the former Supreme Council were excluded from the new Constitution. The procedure for amending the Constitution has been complicated. After the adoption of the Constitution, it will take time for the life of the state to return to normal. It will not be easy to live by the rules proclaimed in the Constitution. The referendum on the Constitution will be a serious test for citizens and politicians. NDP "TV RADIO COMPANY" OSTANKINO "A group of men enters the building, talking in the foyer before the meeting of the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin with the media on November 6, 1993. Among those present: the President's press secretary V.V. Kostikov, General Director of ITAR- TASS V.N.Ignatenko, First Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin V.V. Ilyushin, Chairman of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company O. Poptsov, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Argumenty i Fakty" V.A.Starkov, editor of the newspaper "Izvestia" I.N. .Golembovsky. Russian President Boris Yeltsin, accompanied by the head of the RF SBP A. Korzhakov and others, enters the building, greets those present, poses in a group in front of press photographers. Boris Yeltsin goes into the hall for press conferences, sits down at the table. The invited participants of the meeting are seated at the table. Boris Yeltsin says that this meeting gives food for thought, since both the media and the country are now in a special position. 3 box Boris Yeltsin's speech at a meeting with representatives of the media, says (sinhr.) That he knows about the plight of the periodical press, but, unfortunately, the country's capabilities are limited today. The media have recently experienced a third qualitative change: the first stage - until 1990, a sharp rise in circulation, a surge of interest in political television and radio programs. At the same time, the first Law on Press was created; 2nd stage - higher prices for paper, printing, communications, political fatigue of society, falling circulation. At the same time, the Russian Law on the Mass Media was adopted; The current stage is a landslide rise in prices in all areas, the loss of a mass reader. Today we see the beginning of the 4th stage, associated with a change in the forms of ownership. Most Russian publications have either gone bankrupt or are in deep financial crisis. It is necessary to develop a political line that would not complicate the situation in the media, but, on the contrary, would help to get through this difficult period. Boris Yeltsin says (sinhr.) That he is against monopolies in the media: political, financial, calls on those present to fight it. Then Boris Yeltsin dwells on the issue of state ideology. He says that he lived with her for a long time, there is no need to return to this, but there are also moral norms and cultural values. We cannot refuse this. The president does not leave aside the issue of the opposition press. He says that without it there is no democracy, but everyone must act within the framework of the law. Including it is necessary to overcome the adversary syndrome. Any criticism should be constructive. In his speech, Boris Yeltsin drew attention to the fact that it is necessary to move from the state form of subsidizing the media to the creation of funds, it is also necessary to improve the quality of publications. The media play an important role in the election campaign, in the preparation of the referendum, incl. in the development of democracy. The standard of culture of the electoral campaign itself depends on the media. 4 box Russian President Boris Yeltsin appeals to the media representatives - participants in the meeting, asks what they have for Defense Minister P. Grachev. She declares, says that Gracheva is a planned action arranged for a lot of money. Grachev, in his opinion, is a strong minister, that he worked, works and will work. "I am a dictator, and he fulfills the will of the dictator." Boris Yeltsin criticizes journalists for their bias. Boris Yeltsin's meeting with the head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Speaker of the Finnish Parliament Ilkka Suominen. Boris Yeltsin and I. Suominen are sitting at the negotiating table. Among those present, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation A.V. Kozyrev. General view of the hall and the presidium of the meeting. Speech by Boris Yeltsin, who speaks (sinhr.) About the successful outcome of the political crisis in the fall of 1993. Among those present in the presidium: Deputy Prime Minister O. N. Soskovets, Prime Minister V. Chernomyrdin, members of the government E. T. Gaidar and A. Shokhin. Russian President Boris Yeltsin on one of the streets of Moscow in the evening, communicating with the people. Next to BN Yeltsin AV Korzhakov, Minister of Internal Affairs VF Erin and others. Panorama of the members of the Russian government. Among them: A.B. Chubais, E.T. Gaidar, B.G. Fedorov, Yu.F. Yarov, S.M. Shakhrai. Speech by Boris Yeltsin (sinhr. And German), who says: "We will fight for our government of reforms ...". Stay of the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin in Yasnaya Polyana in the winter season. Servicemen with mine detectors inspect the road along which the president's motorcade will pass. General view of the Leo Tolstoy house-museum in Yasnaya Polyana. A group of men at the house-museum. Winter landscapes of Yasnaya Polyana, park, bridge over the river. Governor of the Tula region NV Sevryugin, ON Soskovets and others awaiting the arrival of Boris Yeltsin by helicopter. Helicopter MI-8 in the air, on the ground after landing. A.V. Korzhakov is the first to leave the helicopter, followed by B.N. Yeltsin. Girls in Russian folk costumes present BN Yeltsin with bread and salt. The representative of the Tula diocese (standing with his back to the camera) greets the president (sinhr.). 5 box Stay of the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin in Yasnaya Polyana. Meeting Boris Yeltsin upon arrival at Yasnaya Polyana by helicopter. Among the greeters: the governor of the Tula region NV Sevryugin, ON Soskovets and others. The government cortege goes in the direction of Yasnaya Polyana, cars drive up to the main gate of the estate museum. People are standing at the entrance to Yasnaya Polyana, waiting for the president. BN Yeltsin and his entourage pass through the territory of the estate, approach the house-museum of Leo Tolstoy, enter the house. The correspondents present are filming the event. BN Yeltsin and others leave the house-museum, walk along the alley, heading to the grave of the writer. General view of the grave of Leo Tolstoy. BN Yeltsin, NV Sevryugin, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Yuri Shcherbakov, AV Korzhakov and others approach the grave. Boris Yeltsin lays flowers and spruce branches on the grave. Among those present at the grave is the great-grandson of the great Russian writer V. Tolstoy - the future director of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum-Estate. The motorcade leaves the territory of the Yasnaya Polyana estate. General view of the highway in the Tula region, along which cars are moving. There are police posts along the road. Russian President Boris Yeltsin in a group of workers during a visit to one of the enterprises. Russian President Boris Yeltsin enters the hall where the Security Council meeting is due to take place. Those present rise to greet the president. Boris Yeltsin sits in the presiding seat, announces the agenda. The first issue on the agenda is about the defense-industrial potential of the Russian Federation, the second question is about the implementation of decisions on the emergency zone in North Ossetia and Ingushetia. Among the participants of the meeting: PS Grachev, ET Gaidar, AV Kozyrev, VF Erin, VS Chernomyrdin and others 6 cor. The meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation chaired by the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin (repetition of the previous plan in 5 cor., Where he announces the agenda). Arrival of the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin to Vladikavkaz. Special forces soldiers escort a group of civilians at the Vladikavkaz airfield. Vladikavkaz airport. Russian Defense Minister P.S. Grachev at the airfield. Special forces soldiers run across the airfield, sit in a helicopter. The armored personnel carrier is at the airfield. Those who meet the President of the Russian Federation BN Yeltsin walk along the airfield to the landing site of the presidential plane "Russia"; among them: President of Ingushetia R.S. Aushev, Chairman of the Armed Forces of North Ossetia A.Kh. Galazov, Chairman of the Security Council O. I. Lobov. P.S.Grachev talks with S.M. Shakhrai and O.N. Soskovets. The landed plane "Russia" is moving along the airfield. Special forces soldiers on the airfield by the plane. B.N. Yeltsin, Minister of Internal Affairs V.F. Erin descend the plane. The greeters surround Boris N. Yeltsin. Correspondents are trying to interview Boris Yeltsin, asking with what proposals he came? Boris Yeltsin replies that he himself would like to hear proposals for a way out of the crisis situation in the North Caucasus (sinhr.). He also says that he did not bring ready-made recipes. Boris Yeltsin and his entourage are passing through the airfield. BN Yeltsin holds R.S. Aushev under his arms on one side, and A.Kh. Galazov on the other. BN Yeltsin's conversation with A.Kh. Galazov and R.S. Aushev in a separate room, discussing the current situation on the border of North Ossetia and Ingushetia. Special forces soldiers on the square of the city of Vladikavkaz, on the roof of the airport building. Helicopters in the sky. Helicopter MI-8 at the airport. President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin with R.S.Aushev and A.Kh. Galazov, as well as accompanying persons, walks along the airfield, then gets into a helicopter. Special forces are in control of the situation. The MI-8 helicopter is preparing to take off, flies in the sky, accompanied by other helicopters. Stay of the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin on an official visit to Brussels. The plane of the President of the Russian Federation "Russia" at the airport in Brussels. Those who meet at the plane; among them are King Albert II of Belgium and Queen Paola. Boris Yeltsin with his wife N.I. Yeltsina and accompanying persons, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs A.V. Kozyrev, A. Shokhin, V.V. Ilyushin, A.V. Korzhakov and others pass through the airfield. N.I. Yeltsin is walking next to the Queen of Belgium Paola. Joint photo of Boris Yeltsin and Nikolai Yeltsina with the royal couple. General view of the building of the Royal Palace in Brussels. Solemn changing of the guard. 7 cor. The type of press conference at which the President of the European Commission of the European Union Jacques Delors speaks, he says that Russia is seen both as a partner and as a colossal market, but only in terms of benefits for Europe. Journalists in the hall at a press conference. Boris Yeltsin at a meeting in Brussels. Next to him is his press secretary V.V. Kostikov. View of the evening street of Brussels. The movement of cars on the street. The NDP bus, route 65 NATO, travels down the street. A presidential limousine drives up to the building of the European Parliament. Boris Yeltsin gets out of the car, exchanges greetings with the President of the European Parliament Egon Klepsch, who greets him in Russian. Boris Yeltsin, in turn, replies that he does not have the honor to speak like that in his language (sinhr.). Everyone goes into the building, goes inside it. Boris Yeltsin is shown a model of the complex of the European Parliament. BN Yeltsin asks the question: "How many members of the European Parliament are there?" Is surprised: "Such a large building for 500 people?" (all sync.). Among those accompanying Boris Yeltsin in the building of the European Parliament, the representative of the Russian Federation in the European Union in the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary IS Silaev, AV Shokhin. .Silayev, Boris Yeltsin are sitting on the sofa in the premises of the European Parliament, talking with representatives of the European Parliament. Boris Yeltsin and Jacques Delors against the background of the flag of the EU countries, exchanging greetings, taking pictures, then all leave the building of the European Parliament. BN Yeltsin in Ashgabat Joint press conference of President of Turkmenistan S. Niyazov and President of the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin: B. Yeltsin and S. Niyazov enter the conference room, pass to the presidium, sit down. Speech by S.A. Niyazov (sinhr.), Who says that he appreciates this visit of President B. N. Yeltsin, which took place immediately after the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and elections to the State Duma. B. N. Yeltsin and S. A. Niyazov sign dual citizenship agreement. ruyut. S.A. Niyazov announces to B.N. Yeltsin that he is being awarded the title of an honorary citizen of Turkmenistan, kisses B.N. Yeltsin, hands him a passport of a citizen of Turkmenistan. “I have dual citizenship,” Yeltsin says, addressing the audience. Girls in national costumes give him flowers. Residents of Ashgabat stand along the street along which a government motorcade is passing. Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Russian Ambassador to Turkmenistan Vladimir G. Cherepov raise the Russian flag during the opening ceremony of the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat. Among those present A.V. Korzhakov. All those present enter the embassy building. 8 cor. Interview of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation A.V. Kozyrev (sinhr. In English) about the visit of the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin to [Turkmenistan]. Residents of Ashgabat and police representatives at the gates of the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat. A cortege of cars drives along the street. Presentation by the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin of the State Prizes in the field of literature and art for 1993. The doors of the Vladimir Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace are opened. Russian President Boris Yeltsin enters the hall (playing the Russian anthem to the music of M. Glinka). Those present in the hall rise to greet the President of the Russian Federation. Boris Yeltsin at the microphone, says greetings to the laureates of the State Prizes in the field of literature and art (sinhr.). President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin presents awards to musicians: Yu.A. Bashmet, V.A. Gergiev, N.A. Petrov, M.V. Pletnev. Presentation of prizes in the field of literature. Boris Yeltsin presents prizes: F. Iskander, D. S. Likhachev, L. A. Dmitriev (posthumously), the prize is received by his widow R. P. Dmitriev, as well as specialists in the field of the history of Old Russian literature: O. A. Belobrova, D.M. Bulanin, G.M. Prokhorov, N.V. Ponyrko, M.A.Salmina, O.V. Tvorogov - for a series of monuments of the literature of Ancient Rus. 9 box President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin presents State awards in the field of theatrical art and cinematography: production designer S.M. Barkhin, art restorer B.N. Lebedev, production director N.S. Mikhalkov, screenwriter R. Ibragimbekov, composer E.N. Artemyev for the film "Urga - the territory of love", film director M.M. Khutsiev for the film "Infinity". Among those present in the hall during the presentation: the laureate of the state prize for 1993, artist V.Gostyukhin, T.Mikhalkova and others. All laureates of the state prizes and guests go with Boris Yeltsin into the hall for a glass of champagne, stand with glasses; among them I.A.Antonova, N.S.Mikhalkov, Yu.A. Bashmet. Boris Yeltsin in the hall among the laureates and guests, drinking champagne, next to him is the pianist N.A. Petrov. Boris Yeltsin walks through the hall, sits on a chair for joint photographing with the laureates, next to him is V.F. Shumeiko. The laureates sit down next to Boris Yeltsin. Boris Yeltsin talks with DS Likhachev. After the joint photographing, all those present stand up. N.S. Mikhalkov talks with V.F. Shumeiko. Panorama of the hall. R.A. Bykov and Y. ABashmet are sitting in the hall, talking. Also talking in the hall are M.M. Khutsiev, R. Ibragimbekov, E.A. Ryazanov, D.S. Likhachev, S.I. Belza, B.A. Pokrovsky, A.N. Yakovlev, A. Medvedev, S.A. Filatov. Meeting of the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin with the leaders of parties and blocs participating in the election campaign for the elections to the State Duma. Boris Yeltsin enters the hall where the leaders of parties, blocs and movements are sitting at the table; among them: V.V.Zhirinovsky, E.T. Gaidar, G.A. Zyuganov, A.A. Sobchak, N.I. Travkin, N.M. Kharitonov, V.P. Lukin, A.I. Volsky , A. A. Fedulova, V. V. Laschevsky, E. Stroyev. 10 box Boris Yeltsin's speech to the leaders of parties, blocs and movements on the eve of the election campaign for the elections to the State Duma (the sound quality is poor). Among those present: V.V.Zhirinovsky, E.T. Gaidar, V.P. Lukin and other B.N. Yeltsin speaks about control over free airtime. Requires to come out only with the presentation of their programs, without touching the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It also concerns free advertising in periodicals, referring to the programs of the parties. Proposes to negotiate in the regions themselves. Then, Boris Yeltsin raises the question of where the Federal Assembly and the State Duma will sit. He says that an apparatus has been assembled that will deal with all issues. While the State Duma sessions will be held in the CMEA building. Everything will be ready by January 11th. As for the Federal Assembly, it will be located at 26 Pushkinskaya Street. This, says Boris Yeltsin, is a good building, comfortable and compact. Party and bloc leaders sit at the table; among them: N.I. Travkin, A.A. Sobchak. The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation G.A. Zyuganov enters the room where representatives of all parties, blocs and movements gather to meet with B.N. Yeltsin. A.I.Volsky, N.I. Travkin, V.P. Lukin talking. G.A. Zyuganov and A.A. Fedulova are sitting at the opposite wall. V.V. Zhirinovsky sits separately at another wall. V.V.Zhirinovsky, V.P. Lukin, N.I. Travkin, G.A. Zyuganov, A.I.Volsky enter the hall. 11 cor. Meeting of the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin with the leaders of political parties, blocs and movements. At the table in the hall are sitting: V.V. Zhirinovsky, V.P. Lukin, G.A. Zyuganov, E.T. Gaidar. President's press secretary V.Kostikov welcomes A.I.Volsky. V.V. Zhirinovsky writes something in his place, exchanges phrases with a participant in the meeting sitting next to him. A.I.Volsky, N.I. Travkin and M.Lapshin are talking. Close-up of E.T. Gaidar. A.A.Sobchak examines the document, talks with A.I.Volsky. Correspondents are filming the meeting. Among those present at the table, incl. A.A. Fedulova, V.V. Laschevsky, E. Stroyev. Boris Yeltsin enters the hall, greets everyone present (sinhr.), Says that he is constantly interested in how the election campaign is going. He says that before there was only one party, but now 13 parties and blocs are participating in the elections. Meeting of the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin with the heads of the subjects of the federations in the Council of Federations. View of the conference hall and presidium. B.N. Yeltsin and V.S. Chernomyrdin are on the podium. Boris Yeltsin says that the work on the new Constitution of the Russian Federation lasted 3 years and was very difficult. At present, the text of the draft Constitution is ready. A large number of provisions were agreed, which caused fundamental differences, however, we will consider and discuss some issues. The solution to these issues must be found today, since on November 10, the draft of the new Constitution will be published, i.e. a month before the referendum. 12 box Speech by the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin at the meeting on the results of the preparation of the draft of the new Constitution of the Russian Federation. Boris Yeltsin puts on the agenda of the meeting the issue of equality of the subjects of the Federation. It so happened, he says, that today the republics have much greater rights than the territories and regions. Boris Yeltsin proposes to enshrine the equality of the subjects of the Federation in the new Constitution. Another question, says BN Yeltsin, is related to the previous one: the drafters of the Constitution demanded that the words “sovereignty” and “sovereign state” be removed from the text, and the republics should be denoted in brackets - “state”, i.e. as in the old Constitution of the USSR. Then Boris Yeltsin dwells on the issue of the Federal Treaty. Participants of the meeting are in the hall, then leave the hall during the break.
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