Police Veteran Mukhin

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Mukhin's face. The veteran's apartment: Mukhin at the table examines his photo album with wartime photographs. One of the group photographs bears the inscription "Cadets of sergeant courses URVMMVVD YaA. SS". Photo of Mukhin in his youth. Mukhin walks through the apartment; puts on a jacket with orders and medals; leaves the house, walks down the street, enters the building "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Yakut ASSR". Formation of a police squad before going on duty. The commander instructs his subordinates. On the street, two policemen meet and greet. A regular bus rides along the way, stops at a bus stop. People at the bus stop: one of the women addresses Mukhin, he salutes, talks. Mukhin is walking down the street; makes a remark to a woman crossing the road incorrectly. Trucks are driving along the street; Mukhin slows down one of them; checks the driver's documents. Mukhin in a ceremonial tunic is talking with young police officers. Mukhin selects books in the library. Construction of a residential building: workers are laying bricks. Policeman Mukhin is walking down the street. One of the streets of Yakutsk: traffic is moving, passers-by are walking. Monument to V. I. Lenin in front of the building of the city administration.
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urban transport
, road transport
, local authorities
, building
, militia
, libraries
, cities
, sculpture
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