Polish Chronicle No 11

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Part "a". Poland. Deputy Prime Minister of the GDR Luther Bol in Warsaw. L. Bol examines the Palace of Culture and Science, attends a reception at Y. Tsirankevich. Warsaw city. Chopin International Piano Competition. Concert Hall of the Warsaw Philharmonic. The audience in line for tickets. Participants of the competition are speaking. The audience in the hall. Jury meeting. Sound engineers record music. Warsaw city. View of the old city from the top in winter. Panorama of the city. Meeting of the jury of the competition for the best project for the restoration and development of the city. Discussion of projects. Warsaw city. Exhibition of paintings by artists of Mexico. Works by R. Angulano, F. Silva and others. Golden wedding of Augustine and Tekla Shatol. Festive feast. Baltic Sea. The movement of the steamer-icebreaker in the ice. The movement of a vessel under the flag of Turkey at sea. Poland. Horse sled movement in winter. Passengers in carts. One of the carts overturned. Passengers laugh in the snow. Poland. Carpathians. International bobsleigh competition. Competitions for skiers - slalom. Part b. Taiwan Island. Boats and ships at sea. People leave the island, board ships. Houses are burning. A settlement in the valley is on fire. Hungary. Metallurgical plant. Buildings, territory, production processes in one of the shops. THE USSR. Moscow region. Ice fishing on the Istra river. Moscow city. Passers-by on the street. Shop window "Fish". The saleswoman weighs the fish. Fishermen, who were engaged in ice fishing, in line for fish.
V. Kazmierzak
Film ID
, fishing
, cultural connections
, architecture
, sea transport
, state trade
, skiing
, music
, entertainment
, political connections
, cartage
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, sanjsport
, a family
, peoples life
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