Polish Chronicle No 12

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Meeting of the international conference on the struggle for peace. Torchlight procession and demonstration of protest against the war. Rallies in the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland. Newsreel: Japan, an atomic explosion, people affected by the atomic explosion. Poland. Preschool children make gifts for March 8 with their own hands, congratulate their mothers at a confectionery factory, give them gifts. Warsaw city. Restoration of the Church of St. Martin. Establishing a spire. Exhibition of household items. Demonstration of the work of a meat grinder, iron and other items. Mountain resort in Zelena Gora. Lift. Skiers are skiing from the mountain. Training of athletes-skiers. Cafe of artists and writers "Lajkonik" (["Laconic"]) in Warsaw. The interiors of the cafe, visitors at the tables. Boxing tournament Warsaw-Hamburg. The audience in the stands. China. Tibet. Mountain landscape. Construction of a bridge and road to the capital of Tibet. The movement of trucks. Morocco. Locust plague. Locusts on cacti, teeming in the air. The movement of a car through a swarm of locusts. Pollination of crops and vegetation from an airplane, car, manually. Dead locust.
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social and political movement
, automobile transport
, food industry
, architecture
, skiing
, public catering
, natural disasters
, christianity
, preschool education
, state holidays
, wars and conflicts 1st half of the 20th century
, production of cultural goods
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