Polish Chronicle No 14

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Poland. The delegation of the Polish Seimas at the plant in the city of Novaya Guta. Meeting. Snowy field of one of the agricultural cooperatives. Tractors and harvesters are in the open air. Repair of agricultural machinery in the workshops of one of the farms. Tractor movement. Seed laboratory, checking seeds and preparing them for sowing. Seed fund at the elevator. Loading and removal of seeds. Poland. Warsaw city. F. Chopin International Piano Competition. The Queen of Belgium is present at the performance of the competition participants in the Philharmonic Hall. The audience greets the queen. Reception by the Minister of Culture of the laureates of the competition and foreign guests. Among those present: B. Berut, Tanako, H. Fun-Suong, Queen of Belgium. Ball. Warsaw Operetta Theater. A fragment of the operetta by I. Strauss (synchronously). Boxing tournament for the Polish championship. THE USSR. Moscow city. Seeing young people off to the virgin lands at the railway station (synchronously). Young people are dancing, dancing a waltz. The train departs from the platform. Berlin city. [International] athletics competition. Run. Jumping. Throwing the nucleus. A make-up artist paints the faces of models with bizarre drawings. USA. Demonstration of models of hats from various metal household items and electrical appliances at one of the resorts.
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, cultural connections
, sports
, entertainment
, higher state bodies
, specialized machine stations
, railway transport
, plant growing
, music
, art
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