Polish Chronicle No 2

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Box 1. Poland. 1954 Funeral of actor and director L. Solsky. Farewell to the body. The funeral procession passes along the street, enters the territory of the cathedral. The clergy is present. The new building of the Warsaw Philharmonic. Trial concert at the Philharmonic Concert Hall to test the acoustics. The first spectators are the builders of the building. The city of Lodz. Hockey match Austria-Poland. It's raining. Warsaw city. City street. Building. An animation artist draws footage from the film with the participation of a comic hero - Professor Filyutek. Animation: Professor Filutek on the streets of Warsaw. Warsaw city. A large Christmas tree in the square. Lighted shop windows. Students dress up for the New Year's ball. New Year's ball. Present: Y. Tsirankevich, K. K. Rokossovsky. The participants in the ball raise their glasses of champagne, dance. K. K. Rokossovsky is dancing. Foreign students at the ball. Box 2. Vietnam. Hanoi city. Ho Chi Minh's residence. USSR Foreign Minister Lavrishchev at a reception with Ho Chi Minh. Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Van Dong, Defense Minister Woon Ten Yang are present. Korea. Melting and rolling of steel at a metallurgical plant. GDR. 1954 year. Berlin city. Prospectus of Marx and Engels at Christmas. Grilled chickens are fried. The woman bartender pours the wine. Leisure park. Attractions. Children and the public at the rides. V. Peak with his wife at the rides. Christmas tree.
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, metallurgy
, funeral
, public leisure facilities
, public catering
, theatre
, hockey
, state holidays
, political connections
, music
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