Politburo Pages of History Issue 12 - 1934-1935

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The film covers the period of the history of the USSR after the XVII Congress of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) to the funeral of a member of the Politburo V.V. Kuibyshev. The central theme of the film is the death of a member of the Politburo, the first secretary of the Leningrad Regional Party Committee S.M. Kirov, the myth of J.V. Stalin's involvement in the murder of a comrade-in-arms is refuted. The film includes the following shots. Portrait of the People's Commissar of Heavy Industry G.K. Ordzhonikidze (artist V.P. Efanov). Portrait of J.V. Stalin (artist G.I. Rublev). Portrait of S.M. Kirov (artist I.I.Brodsky). Painting "Funeral of Kirov" (artist P.P. Sokolov-Skalya). Portrait of V.V.Kuibyshev (artist I.I.Brodsky). Petersburg, a house on Kirovsky Prospekt, which houses the museum-apartment of S.M. Kirov, interiors. Smolny, the window of the office in which S.M. Kirov worked. Winter, St. Petersburg, monument to S.M. Kirov. The film includes newsreel footage of 1934-35: the pipes of a giant metallurgical plant are smoking, work in the shops, steel casting, a grain harvester is driving across the field, a milkmaid gives feed to cows on a farm, students at a lecture in the auditorium of one of the institutes, academician I.P. .Pavlov in the monkey nursery, the scientific town of geneticists, the "Chelyuskin" steamer goes through the ice, the head of the expedition on the "Chelyuskin" O.Yu. Schmidt and a member of the expedition on board the ship, the "Chelyuskinites" unload the sinking steamer, the "Chelyuskinites" camp on the ice airship with cargo for the expedition in the air, members of the expedition are taken on board the plane from the ice floe, a solemn meeting of the "Chelyuskinites" in Moscow, members of the Politburo headed by I.V. Stalin greet the members of the expedition, a parade on Red Square in their honor, a member of the Politburo B .V.Kuibyshev speaks on the podium, parade on Palace Square in Leningrad, on the podium the first secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee S.M. Kirov and a group of senior officials, funeral of S.M. Kirov, funeral The session is moving down the street, a meeting of Leningrad workers about the murder of S.M. Kirov, the funeral of V.V. Kuibyshev in Moscow, a funeral farewell on Red Square.
V. Lopatin
Film ID
, expeditions
, plant growing
, geography
, painting
, metallurgy
, higher state bodies and institutions
, museums
, central government agencies and institutions
, political propaganda
, biology
, vkp (b)
, rally and protest
, sea transport
, genetics
, agitation
, air transport
, sculpture
, cities
, anthropology
Number of Parts
K. Fedorovich
Other Creators
Scientific consultant I.P. Donkov
Release Date
Has Sound

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