Politburo Pages of History Issue 4 - 1921

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The film uses newsreels, photographs and documents from 1921. The film includes footage: a panorama of warships in the frozen port of Kronstadt, soldiers in the line of fire are firing rifles, G. Zinoviev's speech at the II Congress of the Comintern, members of the presidium are applauding; on the podium - L. Trotsky, G. Zinoviev and others, the funeral of the victims of the Kronstadt mutiny in a mass grave at the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt. The film includes staged footage of the assault on the Kronstadt ice during the suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion. The film includes newsreel footage of a parade of Polish troops in the presence of Marshal Yu. Pilsudski. The film uses photographs of L. Trotsky, M. Tukhachevsky, M. Frunze, M. Gorky, photographs of members of the Politburo of the RCP (b) and candidates for members of the Politburo. The film uses letters from V.I. Lenin to M. Gorky. The film includes the following filming: views of the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt and the monument to Peter the Great, the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, views of the Moscow Kremlin, the study of V.I. Lenin in the Kremlin.
V. Lopatin
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civil war
, rcp (b)
, poland
, christianity
, cities
, international communist movement
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K. Fedorovich
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There is no data
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