Politburo Pages of History Issue 5 - 1922

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The film tells about the party's policy during the famine in the Volga region. The film includes the following footage: newsreel footage of 1920 - Vladimir Lenin's speech with a report at a meeting of the II Congress of the Comintern, Vladimir Lenin's conversation in his office and in his apartment in the Kremlin with the American journalist Lincoln Air; newsreel footage of 1921 - general view of the building of the Bolshoi Theater during the work of the III Congress of the Comintern, the delegates of the congress go to the building of the theater; VI Lenin on the steps of the rostrum during a meeting of the III Congress of the Comintern in the former Andreevsky Hall of the Kremlin, Congress delegates in the conference room; a hungry child sits on the street, leaning against the wall of the house, an ambulance carriage drives up, a nurse approaches the child, picks him up and carries him to the cart, a woman with a baby in her arms on a village street, an emaciated man lies on a bench in a hut, a group of emaciated hungry children on Melekes station (Bashkiria) awaiting the arrival of an ambulance train, a group of homeless children at a table, one of the children drinking from a bottle, homeless children playing cards, unloading barges with food, loaders carrying bags of flour, a view of a truck from the NDP American Aid Administration "ARA" , standing at the train with food; view of cars on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin, military units are marching. Views of the Moscow Kremlin. Interior of the office of V. I. Lenin in the Kremlin. NDP on the desk with personal belongings of V. I. Lenin. View of the hall in the Kremlin. , where the Council of People's Commissars met. The film uses photographs of members and candidates for members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) 1921-1922: V. Lenin, I. Stalin, L. Trotsko go, M. Kalinin, G. Zinoviev, A. Rykov, N. Bukharina and others.
V. Lopatin
Film ID
, economic communications
, situation of children
, automobile transport
, rcp (b)
, economy
, everyday life
, sanitary inspection
, homelessness and neglect
, museums
, usa
, international communist movement
, ground troops
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K. Fedorovich
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