Political Instructor Vasily Klochkov

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The film is dedicated to the life and feat of political instructor Vasily Georgievich Klochkov - one of 28 Panfilov heroes. 1h - Photo of Klochkov. Chronicle: fighters at rest; the commander raises the fighters to attack; Victory parade on Red Square. Monument to Panfilov's men. Chronicle: a record of volunteers, a young man says goodbye to his family; military Moscow; a German plane is dropping bombs; shoots a German tank. Veterans are in Moscow. V.A.Kirillov is speaking. Chronicle: Rokossovsky at the command post; a cannon shoots; soldiers are reading a newspaper. This is Logvinenko speaking. 2h - The writer Osipov talks with E. A. Skobkina and Mukhamedyarov. Pre-war Moscow. The passage of athletes along Red Square. Landscape of the Moscow Region. Zhukov is speaking. Meeting of veterans. Museum exposition dedicated to Klochkov. Red Square. St. Basil's Cathedral. Klochkov's daughter with her son; with students at school. 3h - Says I. D. Shadrin. Soldiers are talking at political classes. Chronicle: German tanks on the platform. Moscow November 7, 1941 - a parade of troops. Meeting of the soldiers with the population. A soldier is hoisting a banner over the Reichstag.
G. Krasnov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, architecture
, literature
, museums
, landscapes
, agitation and propaganda
, cities
, tips
Number of Parts
V. Makarov, G. Myakishev, V. Gorbatsky, I. Filatov
Other Creators
N. Galina, Yu. Zorin, L. Golubev, Z. Pospelova, V. Osipov, G. Krasnov
Release Date
Has Sound

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