Polkhovsky Maidan

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The film tells about the traditions of the Polkhov-Maidan painting of wooden products, turned on lathes. Panorama through the winter forest. A horse drives a sleigh along a winter road through the forest. The horses harnessed to the sleigh ride out of the forest. The village of Polkhovsky Maidan. Rural church building. Dog, a pile of firewood in the yard. The little girl looks out the window. A man in the yard is cutting a log with an ax. Village well. A woman walks with a bucket along a rural street, followed by a dog. The men are adding a terrace to the house. A truck with a trailer and a tractor with a trailer are driving along a rural street. The villagers in their workshops make blanks for wooden spoons, horses, matryoshka dolls, piggy bank mushrooms; paint them. Teaching the youth of the village to make wooden blanks for toys on lathes: young men work on lathes, grind blanks. General view of the production workshop at the Polkhov-Maidan factory "Krasnaya Zarya" (Gorky region, Voznesensky district), where craftswomen paint wooden products. A physics lesson in a class in a rural high school. Rural wedding: three horses ride through the village, women dress up the bride on their wedding day, girls stand in the room, watching the process; women in folk costumes walk through the village singing and dancing (sync); wedding feast, guests shout to the young "Bitter!", the young kiss. Behind the scenes, ditties sound, guests dance. Walking in the village on Shrovetide: a crowd of people in the village square, where swings are installed, young people on the swing. General view of baby carriages in the courtyard of one of the houses in the village. Rural boys sit on the fence, looking at the painted wooden items, placed in the snow. General view of painted wooden toy carriages. A group of girls runs up to the logs on which wooden toys are displayed: nesting dolls, barrels, pyramids and other toys.
М. Serkov
Film ID
rural settlements
, school education
, relaxation
, folk crafts
, everyday life
, christianity
, preschool education
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
Number of Parts
A. Mochalov
Other Creators
screenwriter A. Rogov, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor V. Mordvinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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