Portrait of a Communist on the Background

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The film tells about the chairman of the collective farm "Znamya Truda" in the village. Lipovka, the communist Semyon Aleksandrovich Matveev, who was undeservedly expelled from the party, but of whom a good memory remained in the hearts of fellow villagers. 1 part. Luninsky district of the Penza region. Cars are passing along the road. Lipovka village; landscapes of the village and environs. Church. Rural cemetery; a man is digging a grave. The grave of the former chairman of the collective farm "Znamya Truda" in the village of Lipovka Semyon Aleksandrovich Matveev. A group of people at the grave. Matveyev's son stands at the grave, talks (sinhr. And off-screen.) About the fate of his father. District committee building; a sign on the building with the inscription: "LUNINSKY DISTRICT COMMITTEE of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union." The secretary of the district committee gives interviews (sinhr.). Residents of the village stand at the store, next to a van with the sign "Bread". Photos in the house where S.A. Matveev lived (behind the scenes a story about him sounds). Type of the text of the complaint written by S.A. Matveev. Newsreel footage of the 1920s - 1930s: The first tractors leave for the fields. The movement of a column of tractors. The people go into the field for tractors with slogans and banners. Part 2. The village of Lipovka. The building of the House of Culture and the memorial wall, on which there are plaques with the names of the inhabitants of the village who died on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. The cameraman adjusts the camera before shooting. Residents on the streets of the village. The former 1st secretary of the Luninsky district committee of the party shares his memories of S.A. Matveev (behind the scenes): he says that he often visited his collective farm. Another man, the former head of the power plant, shares his memories of S.A. Matveev (sinhr.). One of the women present at the meeting talks about what a good leader S.A. Matveev was. In a difficult time for the country, he restored the collective farm. Another of the women shares her memories of S.A. Matveev. The secretary of the Luninsky district party committee gives an interview (sync, standing against the background of Lenin's sculpture): he talks about perestroika in the country and that only the party can carry out perestroika. The former head of the power plant talks about how much S.A. Matveev did for the people when he was chairman of the collective farm (sinhr.). An elderly woman says that many years have passed, and the whole Lipovka remembers S.A. Matveev. The son of S.A. Matveev sits surrounded by women and says that modern leaders have moved away from the people, do not notice them, and even when they are driving in a car, they will never offer a lift to a lonely traveler on the road, they sweep by (sync.). 1920s-1930s: Harvesting in the fields of one of the collective farms: cow-drawn and camel-powered mowers are working, women are raking the mowed cereals, putting them in sheaves. A column of supply with grain of the new harvest moves along the road to the procurement point. Part 3. People with banners are walking along the street of the city [Kuibyshev], present at the rally. Speeches by the rally participants. One of the protesters tears his party card and sets it on fire. General view of the stand on the street of the regional center with a portrait of V.I.Lenin and the inscription "FORWARD, ON THE LENIN'S WAY!" The secretary of the Luninsky district party committee gives an interview (sinhr.), In which he criticizes B.N. Yeltsin for his statements that the district party committees are not working, but are waiting for re-elections. The village of Lipovka. The son of S.A. Matveev sits surrounded by elderly women, says that it is necessary to revive the village that feeds the country (sinhr.). A woman, one of the village's old residents, tells that S.A. Matveev remade Lipovka: from a village it was a wreck, it turned into a rich, illustrative village. One of the residents of the village talks about how S.A. Matveyev was expelled from the party (sinhr.) Handwritten copy of S.A. Matveyev's complaint, which says that he was removed from the chairmen for banning the export of rubble stone from the fields of the collective farm by order of the chairman of the regional executive committee Mikhail Timofeevich Belozubov. The grave of M.T.Belozubov at the cemetery. The former head of the Luninsky district (a man with glasses) sits on a bench and gives an interview: he tells that he was not in the district - he studied at the courses when S.A. Matveyev was expelled from the party. He says that Matveyev did not deserve this, and he needed to be reinstated in the party (sinhr.). The former head of the power plant at the Znamya Truda collective farm says that the death of S.A. Matveev is a common loss for his fellow villagers. Matveev was a principled person and did not agree to an agreement with his conscience, did not grovel before the authorities (sinhr.). Newsreel footage of the 1920s-1930s: A man takes a bicycle out of his house, gets on it and drives along a rural street, passes a herd of cows grazing by the river; view of the mill across the river and barns. Part 4. A sign on the building of the Luninsky District Party Committee. The grave of the former secretary of the Luninsky district party committee D. Martyntsev, who expelled S.A. Matveyev from the party. The graves of S.A. Matveev and M.T. Belozubov at the cemetery. The son of S.A. Matveev at the grave of his father gives an interview (sinhr.). The secretary of the Luninsky district party committee says in an interview that recently they have shown a lot of negative phenomena, but do not show the achievements of the socialist system (sinhr.). Monument to V.I. Lenin near the building of the House of Culture. People at the temple are baptized. The interior of the temple (behind the scenes service in the temple). The priest performs the rite of worship (the song performed by Alexander Malinin "I have one fun left ..." is played behind the scenes). View of the river [Shuksha] during the spring flood. Trees are in the water. Landscape with fields and trees.
М. Serkov
Film ID
rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, everyday life
, christianity
, landscapes
, kpss
, utilities
Number of Parts
A. Nazarov, N. Shumkova
Other Creators
Sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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