Portrait on a Black Background

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The film tells about the work of the singer T. Petrova. The film uses shooting of the following content: photographer V. Plotnikov in the studio working on a photograph of T. Petrova; the artist G. Pavlov paints a portrait of T. Petrova in the studio; T. Petrova speaks in a club to the villagers (synchronously), visits relatives in the village, conducts classes with her student (synchronously); recording of one of the songs performed by T. Petrova (synchronously) in the recording studio in the presence of arranger Y. Klepalov; T. Petrova's conversation with the director of the film A. Vasiliev on the deck of the ship "Russia" (synchronously); T. Petrova in a church in an abandoned village. The funeral of the singer I. Talkov; among those present - singer M.V. Muromov. demonstration on Red Square; a rally at Lubyanskaya Square; fragments of the high relief of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow; T. Petrova talks about herself and her work (synchronously). The film performed by T. Petrova includes the songs "Deaf Grass" (by A. Peredreev, composer M. Shuvalov), "Pines" (by T. Ponomareva, composer P. Barchunov), "Luchinushka" (Russian folk song) , "Orthodox" (author of the text and melody V. Volkov), "Russian birds" (author of the text K. Skvortsov, composer A. Dneprov), "You are my days, white doves." (Author of the text N. Klyuev, composer V. . Panchenko).
A. Vasiliev
Film ID
artistic photography
, rural settlements
, club type institutions
, christianity
, music
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Baikov, S. Starikov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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