Potato Eaters

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Part 1: River. A man and a boy descend from the embankment. Gathering people on the streets of the city for planting potatoes, get on the bus. People on the bus. People are planting potatoes in the field. The bus driver checks the motor. Village by the river. A house with vegetable gardens, a tram is going by. Anatoly Grigorievich Sinkin and his son Timofey are planting potatoes in the garden of their house in the mining village of Spichenkovo, Kemerovo Region. A.G. Sinkin talks about his election (synchronously), shows his son tricks. Kites in the sky. A.G. Sinkin and his son Slava are repairing the roof. The man is reading the newspaper. A.G. Sinkin's wife washes the dishes. Cat. Timofey plays the violin. Part 2: Notes on the music stand. Seedlings of tomatoes. Tram station. Mine. Mine cage, are A.G. Sinkin and miners in helmets. Courtyard, men and women on the benches. A.G. Sinkin is walking with his wife. Timofey is eating currants. Village. A.G. Sinkin paints the roof. Timofey goes up to the second floor with a computer. A.G. Sinkin with children in a potato field, collecting Colorado beetles. A.G. Sinkin with his sons demonstrates his invention - a water mine cannon. Sheep, goby. A.G. Sinkin talks about his election (synchronously). Girl and boy. Part 3: Children swim in the river. A.G. Sinkin's wife prepares pies. Television. A street in Prokopyevsk, a tram is going by. Pedestrians. Monument to the miner. The man lays out the cellar. A.G. Sinkin at home. Sheds are burning, A.G. Sinkin with a briefcase looks at the fire, the grandmother is indignant. Firefighters. A.G. Sinkin and Slava are digging up potatoes, they say (synchronously). Birds in the sky. Dry grass. A.G. Sinkin and his family are driving potatoes at home. The village is passing by traumay. A.G. Sinkin in the office. A.G. Sinkin and Slava are loading potatoes into a UAZ vehicle. House, in the courtyard of a woman with a stroller. Slava drives off in a UAZ, A.G. Sinkin waves his hand.
E.. Davletshina
Film ID
, urban transport
, automobile transport
, pests
, everyday life
, natural disasters
, settlements
, invention
, subsidiary farm
, landscapes
, animal world
, vegetable world
, cities
, plant growing
, a family
, music
Number of Parts
V. Lapin
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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