Poultry Bread

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A film about the connection between the present and the history and traditions of the past. 1 part Unfinished, decaying city building; graffiti on the walls. The girl climbs to the roof of the building; jumps down, tied to a cable; swinging on a cable. Autumn rural landscape. A man on a bicycle rides along a washed-out rural road; drives up to the house; goes into the house with loaves of black bread in a "string bag". Towels are being dried on a rope in the yard. Sheep in the barn. The shepherd brings cows and sheep out of the barn. An elderly woman is sitting in a room; walks with a stick in the yard; recalls his childhood, youth (behind the scenes); sings a song (sync.). The man speaks (off-screen) about life in the village. Part 2 Street with village houses. A bus is passing along the road. An elderly woman and a girl in the room; woman feels the girl with her hands. The girl looks at old photographs on the wall of the house; walks through the apple orchard; on the meadow listening to music through headphones. A man collects water from a well; goes with a bucket to the house; talks (off-screen) about village rituals. A woman collects bunches of garlic; recalls (sync., behind the scenes) about childhood. In the second part, a reconstruction of the ancient ritual "Crying of the Bride" is shown: a girl in a folk costume is talking to a birch tree; lies in the meadow, rolls around the meadow; a woman washes the girl with milk; dresses her up. Women, with burning candles in their hands, and a girl with a white veil on her head in the room; sing a ritual song. In the room under the embroidered towel there is an icon of Nikolai the Pleasant. The musician plays the harp. Part 3 Autumn rural landscape. In the middle of the field on a stick hangs an old shirt - a village amulet. Elderly man and woman, a girl are sitting on the street under the window of the house. The woman speaks (behind the scenes) about life in the old days, about her grandfather, the village headman. The third part shows a reconstruction of ancient ritual games: men in folk costumes dance in a clearing in the forest; collide with each other's breasts. The girls are dancing around the guy. The musician plays the harp. In the third part, materials from the Russian Ethnographic Museum were used: b / w photographs of villagers.
A. Shooting
Film ID
, cattle
, bytsel population
, rural settlements
, bus
, icons
, folk rituals
, musician of peoples of the russian federation
, hobbies
, sheep breeding
, types of paintings
, hobby
Number of Parts
A. Demyanenko
Other Creators
scriptwriter A. Strelyanaya, composer, sound engineer A. Laneev, costume designer L. Vasilyeva, lighting master A. Pilipenko, illuminator V. Zubarev, editor Zh. Romanova, film director V. Kharkov, producer A. Telnov
Release Date
Has Sound

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