Poznan 1st Belorussian Front

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Cor. 1 The battles for the liberation of the city and fortress of Poznan. At the observation post, the commander of the 29th Rifle Corps of the 1st Belorussian Front, Guards, Major General Afanasy Dmitrievich Shemenkov, looks into the stereo tube, watching the battle, gives orders by phone (257.4 m). Cor. 2 Numerous corpses of German soldiers on the streets of the city. View of destroyed houses, buildings, monuments of architecture and art in the city of Poznan. Residents remove the skin from the killed horse, cut off pieces of meat. The Polish population is returning home. The Soviet command on one of the streets of the city: artillery commander of the 29th Guards Rifle Corps Valentin Mikhailovich Zelentsov, Chief of Staff of the Corps, Guards Colonel Andrei Konstantinovich Kozlovitsky, Major General Alexei Mikhailovich Pronin (265, 9 m). Cor. 3 Trophies of the Soviet army after the liberation of the city of Poznan: weapons, trains, tanks, new anti-tank mortars, bombers. View of dilapidated hulls of the branch of the Focke-Wulf plant, which assembled aircraft. The appearance of the concentration camp in which juvenile prisoners were kept. The freed girls talk with Soviet soldiers: Liza Zdokhliy from the Kiev region, Natasha Koltsova from the city of Rzhev, Galina Afanasyeva from Kharkov, Katya Lapchenko from Kiev, Regina Podolyak and Vladislava Ozheshina from Poland talk about their captivity. Columns of captured Germans pass through the streets of the city. Soviet submachine gunners are escorted by German Major General Ernst Mattern. Mattern and his staff: Chief of Staff, Colonel Detbarn, Chief of Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Major Kurt, Staff Liaison Officer, Captain Neumann, Chief of Operations, Captain Kreovsky, Oberstabintendent Cabot, approach the stretcher on which lies the body of General Gonell, who committed suicide in the day of the entry of Soviet troops into Poznan. In the fortress Poznan filmed: Major General Afanasy Dmitrievich Shemenkov, commander of the 74th division, Guards Major General Mikhail Ivanovich Dukhanov and Guards Colonel Valentin Mikhailovich Zelentsov (264, 4 m). Cor. 4 A meeting dedicated to the liberation of the city and fortress of Poznan from the German invaders. The secretary of the Polish Workers' Party, Jozef Kalinowski, speaks at the rally. The funeral of Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of the city, in a mass grave. Representatives of the command and the city in the cell of the Poznan prison inspect a new German weapon of extermination of people: an improved guillotine. Corpses of prisoners in the prison yard (95.6 m).
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the second world war
, foreign countries (poland)
883, 3
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I.B. Arons, B.M. Dementyev, M. Poselsky, B. Sokolov
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No Sound

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