Presenting Gifts to Soviet Soldiers at the Front Handing over Tanks to a Military Unit of the Soviet Army Meeting a Train with Food for the Residents of Leningrad

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Representatives of the Timiryazevsky district of Moscow presenting gifts to soldiers and officers of the 1st Guards Motorcycle Regiment. 2nd plot. "Transfer of tanks to the military unit of the Soviet Army (Accept the front our gift)" Saratov newsreel studio, 1942, operas. V. Torchinsky On December 15, 1942, in a solemn atmosphere, the transfer of combat vehicles of the T-34 "Tambov collective farmer" column of tanks to the formation of Major General of Tank Forces AF Popov takes place. General view of the solemn meeting in the tank formation of Major General of Tank Forces Popov. Tankers stand in line in sheepskin coats with machine guns at the ready. A group of Tambov collective farmers led by Major General A.F. Popov, battalion commissar Major P.P. Baranov. and other commanders. Speech by AF Popov, Major PP Baranov, on behalf of the Tambov collective farmers, the chairman of the collective farm "Druzhba" in the Bondarsky district of the Tambov region, Comrade Vasiliev in front of the formation of soldiers. The commander of the tank, Lieutenant Vasiliev, signs the receipt for the tank. The tankers talk with the collective farmers, thank them for their help, inspect the tanks. Tankers are seated in their combat vehicles. Passage of the column of tanks "Tambov collective farmer", going to the front. Meeting the train with food for the residents of Leningrad for the holiday of May 1 at one of the railway stations near Leningrad.
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the great patriotic war
, railway transport
, gifts to the front
, defense fund
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VV Торчинский
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