Prince Yuri Dolgoruky

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The historical drama tells about Yuri (Georgy) Vladimirovich, nicknamed Dolgoruky, Prince of Rostov-Suzdal and the Grand Duke of Kiev, the sixth son of Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh, traditionally considered the founder of Moscow. XII century. Prince of Suzdal Yuri Dolgoruky is trying to unite the Russian lands. His aspirations are opposed by the boyar Kuchka, who lives on the territory of present-day Moscow, the Kiev prince Izyaslav. After an unsuccessful attempt to negotiate, during a quarrel, Yuri's soldiers kill Kuchka. Dolgoruky annexes his property and begins to build the Kremlin on the site of the Kuchki village. Kuchka's sister and daughter, Izyaslav's beloved, having moved to Suzdal, weave intrigues, trying to influence Yuri. Female insidiousness is used: Kuchka's sister tries to seduce the bachelor prince, and her daughter agrees to marry Yuri's son, Andrei Bogolyubsky, who is in love with her. It comes to an attempt to poison Dolgoruky, but Yuri's loving concubine drinks the deadly cup. In a decisive battle, Dolgoruky defeats the army of Izyaslav - and the lands finally unite around Moscow. Cast: B.P. Khimichev - Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, M.A. Gluzsky - counselor Shimanovich, E.V. Paramonov - Prince Andrey, B.G. Nevzorov - boyar Kuchka, A.E. Livanov - Prince Izyaslav, L.N. Fedoseeva-Shukshina - Efrosinya, K.A. Ignatova - Ulita, Yu.A. Silaeva - Svetlyana, R.V. Markova - nurse, A.G. Filippenko - Filka's jester, E.I. Zharikov - Luka, A.A. Ilyin - voivode, N.V. Olyalin - Prince Svyatoslav, A.A. Goloborodko - envoy of Svyatoslav, V.N. Smirnov - bridge builder, A.S. Lenkov - poacher
L. Ширшова
Film ID
, history
Number of Parts
L. Pozhoni
Other Creators
screenwriters E. Smirnov, Z. Chernysheva, composer I. Kantyukov, artist V. Yushin, producer G. Sizova
Release Date
Has Sound

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