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Teachers of the Moscow Art Theater School S. S. Pilyavskaya, V. P. Bogomolov, O. G. Gerasimov, V. K. Monyukov, E. A. Evstigneev, A. Myagkov, the rector of the studio N. Alekseev rehearse sketches, scenes with students from the performances of Gorky "Enemies", "At the Bottom", Rozov "Forever Alive". A scene from the graduation performance of the Moscow Art Theater School "Lopatin's Notes". Applicants at the Moscow Art Theater School, during the audition. In the selection committee: A. T. Stepanova, A. Popov, S. Pilyavskaya, rector of the school N. Alekseev. Photos and posters of graduation performances of the Moscow Art Theater School. Photo by K. Simonov, studio teacher V. Monyukov Photo of school graduates V. Davydov, O. Tabakov, V. Vysotsky, A. Batalov, I. Skobtseva, I. Kvasha, A. Lazarev, G. Bortnikov, T. Lavrova, L. Tolmacheva, V. Korshunova, G. Volchek, O. Basilashvili, O. Borisova, N. Karachentsova, I. Akulova, E. Kindinova, E. Proklova. Chronicle: Students with teachers are preparing sketches. P. V. Massalsky and M. Tarkhanov, E. V. Radomyslensky rehearse with students. Teachers of the Moscow Art Theater School on stage, in front of the students. Before the beginning of the 1977 academic year, the rector of the Moscow Art Theater School V.Z. Radomyslensky speaks. ON Efremov comments on the film behind the scenes, talks about the system of K. with. Stanislavsky, about the teachers of the Moscow Art Theater School. ON Efremov is walking down the street. View of the new building of the Moscow Art Theater on Tverskoy Boulevard.
V. Shkarina
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higher education
, literature
, theatre
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S. Gorbachev, V. Rudneva
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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