Proletarian Village or City

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The movie tells about the collective farm "Rassvet", about the life of the village of Proletarskoye (Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Prokhladnensky District). - faces of children, women, men from the village of Proletarskoye. Streets of the village. The villagers talk on the street. The chairman of the collective farm "Rassvet" Alexander Ivanovich Portyanko - AI Portyanko talks on the street with collective farmers, smokes. Combines "Niva" go across the field - harvesting grain. General view of repair shops, technicians repairing equipment. A herd of cows grazes in the cemetery, shepherds on horseback nearby. General view of the field after harvesting forage. Work on the preparation of fodder in the field. Harvesting corn in the field of the collective farm. View of a collective farm cowshed, cows chew hay from a feeder. Construction of a new inter-farm complex in the village of Proletarskoye on the basis of the collective farm "Rassvet". The chief foreman of the collective farm Yakov Yakovlevich [Shuldeis] at the construction site talks about the construction of a new complex, about the prospects for construction in the village. New residential buildings in the village of Proletarskoye. Interiors of apartments in new buildings. A record player is playing in one of the apartments, a girl is sitting in an armchair, reading a book. The family is watching TV in their new home. Development project for the central part of the village. Model of the future village. Bicycles are at the store, boys are passing by. Rural department store, self-service section of industrial goods, buyers choose goods, the seller counts on the accounts. Self-service section of grocery products, buyers choose products, - the seller. Department store building. Collective farmers collect tomatoes in boxes on a collective farm field, men are installing boxes in the back of a car. General view of the poultry farm, birds in the yard. Picking apples in the collective farm garden. The building of the House of Culture of the collective farm. An evening of dancing, musicians of the vocal and instrumental ensemble are playing, - faces of dancing girls and young people. View of the village from a high point. The girls are walking along a rural street. Young mothers with strollers walk by the houses. A herd of cows is walking along the street of the village, cars are driving. - faces of boys on the street. NDP on the collective farm fields. A herd of cows in the pasture, the shepherd boys are riding horses.
S. Tsoriev
Film ID
standard of living
, rural settlements
, collective farms
, building
, livestock
, club type institutions
, state trade
, plant growing
, a family
, peoples life
, poultry
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S. Tsoriev
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