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The film was shot by order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The film tells about the State Nature Reserve "Bolshaya Kokshaga" (Republic of Mari El, on the territory of Kilemarsky and Medvedevsky districts). First part. G. Yoshkar-Ola, passers-by on the street, boys ride bicycles. A man sits on a bench, smokes. A young man feeds pigeons from his hands on the street. Parents with children are walking down the street, children are carrying balloons. The kid runs after pigeons down the street. Boys on roller skates, young mothers with strollers on the street. Recreation area by the pond, rubbish in the grass on the shore. New microdistrict, crane near a multi-storey building under construction. Forest, fallen trees. NDP on felled trees. Garbage in the forest. Cutting area after logging. Pine forest. - plate "STATE NATURAL RESERVE" BOLSHAYA KOKSHAGA ". River B. Kokshaga, bushes on the banks. Trees on the banks of the river. Dubrava. Spring, oak branches. Sedge blooms on the river bank. Flowering bushes. - a bee on a flower. Dried roots of trees on the bank of B. Kokshagi. The wind bends down the branches of bushes. Reflection of trees in the water. Water lilies in the river. Dried trees on the bank. Already crawling on the grass. Butterfly on a flower. A bird flies, sits on the water. Heron by the water. Kite in the sky. Inspectors of the reserve go through the forest, approach a wooden house - a strong point of the State Inspectorate for the protection of the reserve. Sign "KORDON SHIMAEVO." Inspector I. Topchiy works at the table in the control point. Inspectors patrol the territory of the reserve. Specialists of the department of environmental education in the office are working on the publication of a newspaper. - director of the reserve MG Safin. Employees of the reserve distribute newspapers in a grocery store. Illustrations of the book "History of the reserve", made Marina Marasanova, a young artist from the village of Medvedevo. The teacher of drawing from the art circle "Rainbow" LV Sazonova with students in the open air in the reserve. Rain, swan on the pond. The girl draws a swan. The second part of. A stand with children's drawings, which depict the inhabitants of the reserve, at the exhibition of works by schoolchildren "The world of nature reserve". Fragments of a puppet show (artists - pupils from a puppet circle) for children in the office of "Bolshaya Kokshagi". - small spectators. Children's works exhibited at the "Bear - a symbol of the reserve" competition. Presentation of prizes to the winners of the competition. "Bear" presents gifts to children. Types of the river B. Kokshaga. Abandoned bridge over the river. Abandoned wooden house in the village, cast iron on the fence. View of one of the villages near the reserve, a church, a herd of cows grazing. General Director of Volgavita LLC (the first investor to invest in the tourism industry of his native land) T.I. Trofimova with the company's landscape designers walk through the territory of the reserve. TI Trofimova talks about plans to reorganize the old school building with the adjacent landscape into a tourist complex. Designers making wattle fence. An employee of the reserve collects rubbish, in the background is a new wooden gazebo. Reserve staff cut dry tree branches. Folk festival on the territory of the reserve - craftsmen demonstrate their work to tourists. The craftswoman at the loom. The paintings are hung on the trees. Vacationers at the holiday. Girls in national costumes. Amateur artists perform on a wooden stage - performing folk songs, dances. The girl is filming performances with a movie camera. Improvement works on the territory of the reserve. View of the territory cleared of garbage. Visitors to the reserve sit on benches, swim in the river. The girl is dancing on the shore. Young people play football in the meadow. Parking for tourists in the forest. The third part. Lesson "Traveling around the Bolshaya Kokshaga" in the mathematics classroom of one of the schools in Yoshkar-Ola. The teacher at the blackboard. Pupils sit at the desks, answer questions. The girl at the blackboard solves a problem from a problem book for elementary grades, which was invented by the reserve's specialists. Types of Lake Koshe-Er. Inspectors on a detour in the forest. Senior Researcher of the Reserve GA Bogdanov takes into account the yield of cranberries. - cranberries. View of the Koshe bog, dried trees. - marsh sphagnum plant. Employees reserve in the office discussing the content of the anniversary edition of the "Chronicle of Nature." Students of ecologists and biologists from different universities of Russia in practice in the reserve. General view of the Monastery of the Mother of God of Sergius Hermitage (Mari El, Kilemarsky District). Archbishop John of Mari and Yoshkar-Ola. Parishioners at the service. Abbot of the monastery Father David and monks at the service. Vednik. Religious procession from the temple to the river. Amanita in the grass. Lingonberry. Cranberry. A lorry is driving along a forest road. Sunset in the forest. Ducks swim in the water. Autumn forest. Oak branch, acorn. Lake, yellow leaves on the water. Inspectors sail on a boat on the lake.
Y. Didilev
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out-of-school education
, holidays
, festivities
, vegetable world
, artistic activities
, tourism
, animal world
, restcitypopulation
, protection of nature and the environment
, school education
, exhibitions
, car
, ecological disasters
, peoples life
, nature reserves
, river and lake transport
, christianity
, cultural and educational work for the middle of the population
, cities
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Y. Didilev
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