Protection of Cultural Property From Weapons of Mass Destruction

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The film tells how to protect state cultural values in the event of war or natural disasters. The film includes the following filming: the view of museum exhibits in the State Hermitage, in the Tretyakov Gallery, in the Kremlin museums and other museums in the country. The film uses footage from the chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: the view of destroyed palaces in the suburbs of Leningrad, the protection of Leningrad monuments from bombing and shelling, the evacuation of the Hermitage's treasures. Museum staff make an inventory of exhibits in each room. Visitors to the library. Lenin. View of rare books in one of the halls of the library. Meetings of the commissions for emergency situations in the library. Lenin and other museums. Type of special boxes for the evacuation of museum treasures. Classes on Civil Defense in one of the museums, preparation of museum exhibits for evacuation in the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts and other museums and in the library. Lenin. Transportation of museum valuables, arrival of valuables to the depositories. Interview with academician B. B. Piotrovsky. View of the plundered and destroyed Yasnaya Polyana, the ruins of the Moscow Regional Museum of Local Lore and the Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the destroyed PI Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin, the return of monuments and sculptures to their former places in Leningrad after the lifting of the blockade (chronicle of the Great Patriotic War). The interiors of the rooms of the PI Tchaikovsky House-Museum in Klin, a view of the restored Assumption Cathedral in Kiev. View of models of architectural monuments in an architectural workshop. Photographing and measurements of architectural monuments of the Moscow Kremlin. Restoration of architectural monuments in Central Asia. Protection of museum values during natural disasters. Conference in The Hague in 1954 on the protection of cultural property.
L. Kruglova
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the great patriotic war
, culture
, architecture
, international connections
, museums
, civil defense
, cities
, sculpture
, art
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V. Petrov, E. Tuinov
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