Provocateurs Exposed

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A film about the pilot of the US Air Force F.G. Powers, who violated the state border of the USSR on May 1, 1960 on a Lockheed U-2 aircraft. Demonstrations on May 1, 1960 in the cities of Moscow, Sverdlovsk. NS Khrushchev's message about the violation of the USSR border by an American plane (synchronously). The soldiers of the anti-aircraft missile battery, who carried out the order of the USSR government to shoot down the plane: Major Voronov, Captain Sheludko, Senior Lieutenant Feldblum, Lieutenant Bukin, Junior Sergeant Shuster and others. Drivers V. Surin and L. Chuzhakin, who discovered the parachutist - F. Powers. Parts of the downed Lockheed U-2 aircraft. Aircraft equipment: aerial photography devices, radio reconnaissance equipment. F. Powers' things: weapons, Soviet, French, Italian currency, marks of the FRG, a capsule with poison, explosives. Airplane route scheme. F.G. Powers (close-up). Photo of Powers. Press conference of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR A. A. Gromyko (synchronously). "Exhibition of material and documentary evidence of the provocative invasion of the American aircraft" in the city of Moscow. Among the visitors are Nikita Khrushchev, foreign correspondents. NS Khrushchev and other speakers speak at the rally. Demonstrations of protest against the deployment of US military bases in Japan, Great Britain.
N. Solovyova
Film ID
, protection of the state building
, state holidays
, espionage
, strategic missile forces
, media
, borbazamir
, border troops
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A. Vakurova, A. Krichevsky, B. Makaseev, E. Mukhin, L. Pankin, M. Popova, R. Tumorina, E. Sokolov, A. Khavchin
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