Quiet Americans

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USA. CIA building. CIA workers in the workplace, swearing an oath, at shooting practice. A. Dulles at the map. City of Washington. Monument to A. Lincoln. CIA Director Turner with a dog, playing tennis. Newsreel. American aggression in Vietnam. Carrying out the CIA Phoenix program, led by W. Colby. Wounded American soldiers. Conducting Operation Chaos: dispersal of demonstrators, espionage in the United States, wiretapping. Selseri talks about weapon upgrades. Former CIA officer F. Eidish, who wrote a book about the CIA, talks about his life after the book was published. Streets of London. Germany. The building of the radio station "Free Europe". Employees in the workplace. Polish intelligence officer Chekhovich talks about the check he underwent before he was allowed to work at the radio station. France. City of Paris. Metro station "Abess". A CIA secret school in a private apartment. Editorial office of the international department of the newspaper "L'Humanite". Yves Moret talks about spying on the French communists. The building of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Newsreel. Italy. Demonstration. Meeting. P. Togliatti is speaking. Dispersal of demonstrators, students. Fascist Almirante among students. The photo. Explosion of a train in the subway. Victims. Anti-fascist demonstrations. The building of the Swiss Bank. Newsreel: Demonstration in Guatemala (1952). President Arbene with Eisenhower, signing the document. Portrait of N. Davis - Ambassador to Guatemala and a CIA agent. Fires in Guatemala. Demonstration in Chile. Allende elected president. CTT building. Meeting of CTT executive director McCone with A. Dulles. The economic blockade of Chile. The overthrow of the Mossadegh government in Iran: hostilities, dispersal of demonstrators. Cuba. Meeting of the revolutionary army. F. Castro welcomes the people. Sabotage in Cuba. The defeat of the American intervention. American military base Guantanamo. CIA Center in Miami. Former US President Kennedy and A. Dulles. Assassination of Giancan, Kennedy. Newsreel: a terrorist attack aboard a Cuban Airlines plane by a CIA agent. Rally in the city of Havana. Cubans say goodbye to the dead (1976).
E. Vermisheva, L. Makhnach
Film ID
social and political movement
, communist parties
, government
, protection of the state building
, westgermany
, armed forces
Number of Parts
V. Kiselev, I. Akkuratov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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