Radyno Lyudmila From the Cycle My War with Memoirs of the Participants of the Great Patriotic War

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Film-reminiscence about the war of the former intelligence officer, pioneer-hero Lyudmila Vladimirovna Radyno. Part 1 Journalist Alexander Afanasyev talks to the veteran. A. Afanasyev in his office at the table says (sinhr.) About children-intelligence officers during the Great Patriotic War; about the childhood of L.V. Radyno. Saint Petersburg. L.V. Radyno sits in a school class, shares memories (sync., Behind the scenes) about his childhood years; about life with mom and sister in besieged Leningrad. Tells about how my mother worked for weeks at the factory, and she and her sister were at home. L.V. Radyno talks about difficult living conditions in the winter; about hungry fainting. Remembers how her sister left for the Krasnodar Territory; talks about the illness and death of mom. In the 1st part, c / t plans are used: 1941-1942, winter, Leningrad - Raised Palace Bridge; people walk along a snowy street; people are standing by the tram; the corpse lies on the bridge, people pass by; broken cars on a snowy street; a corpse lies in the street, people pass by; people in houses curtain windows (filmed in the dark). 1941-1945, USSR - Anti-aircraft guns are firing; exploded shell. Part 1 uses b / w photos by L.V. Happy in childhood. (interposition - 263.1 m) 2 part of St. Petersburg. L.V. Radyno sits in a school class, shares her memories (sync., Behind the scenes) about how she managed to evacuate from besieged Leningrad to Stalingrad. He talks about the children's home in Stalingrad; how she was selected to work in the intelligence department; on preparation for military reconnaissance. L.V. Radyno talks about his first intelligence mission. In the second part, c / t plans are used: June 22, 1941, Western border of the USSR - German troops are on the border. 1942, Leningrad - Part of the building is crumbling, trams in the foreground; people with children on the streets of the city; two children on the street, one child is sleeping, the other is reading a book; a dead child lies on the ground. In the second part, b / w photos by L.V. Happy in childhood. (interposition - 260.2 m) 3 part of St. Petersburg. L.V. Radyno sits in a school class, shares memories (sync., Offscreen) about how during one of the reconnaissance trips she came under fire and miraculously survived. He talks about his stay in the German camp; about how for 16 days she worked at the German headquarters, collecting data on enemy troops. L.V. Radyno talks about being awarded the medal "For Courage" in December 1942; about how hard it was to watch the meeting of the children and the parents who returned from the concentration camp, when in August 1945 they were lined up on the parade ground for this meeting at a women's school. In the 3rd part, c / t plans are used: 1941-1942, USSR - Soldiers of the Red Army are crossing the river on a raft; collecting ammunition before being sent across the river. 1941-1945, USSR - Red Army soldiers are passing by. (interposition - 266.5 m)
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combat in the leningrad direction
, memories of war
, air defense troops
, forcing the water boundaries
, veterans
, fighting on the border of the soviet state against the nazi troops
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