Rajiv Gandhi Death on Takeoff

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The film tells about the life and work of the Prime Minister of India R. Gandhi. Used materials TSGAKFD USSR. In the film, there are many memories of people who knew R. Gandhi well in childhood, during college, at the aviation school, and also during his tenure as Prime Minister of India (synchronously). The film includes the following filming: R. Gandhi speaks in the hall of the US Congress, R. Gandhi at a reception with M. Gorbachev, R. Gandhi with R. Reagan, with M. Thatcher; R. Gandhi's speeches; R. Gandhi's wedding with the Italian S. Maino; the place where R. Gandhi was killed, R. Gandhi's funeral in 1989; photographs of R. Gandhi over the years in the circle of family and friends; D. Nehru among the people in the square; D. Nehru lets out a pigeon, talks with children; funeral of D. Nehru in 1964; I. Gandhi's speeches; a military parade in honor of the 45th anniversary of Indian independence; I. Gandhi with his son Sanjay; the place of death and funeral of Sanjay; the place where I. Gandhi was killed; funeral of I. Gandhi in 1984; the grave of R. Gandhi's father - F. Gandhi; investigation of the "Marutta" case; the school where R. Gandhi studied; students pray in class; D. Nehru's house, house, courtyard, room, I. Gandhi's office; streets of Indian cities, Buddha monument; R. Gandhi Foundation publishing house and others.
V. Fedorchenko
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V. Muratov
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