Rather Fast

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The film was shot by order of the executive committee of the Union of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR. First part. The city of Kiev. Pupils of the kindergarten in the playroom: boys play with toy ambulances, a girl "treats" a toy lion, a doll. Dispatchers "Ambulance" receive calls by phone (sync.). An ambulance car rushes down the street, a reporter talks with a doctor in the car (sync.). City Beach. People sunbathe, swim. A poster with the caption: "Swimming on inflatable toys, mattresses and cameras is dangerous!" Boys jump from the buoy into the water. A lifeguard in a boat floats along the coast. Boys swing a balloon in the middle of the river, jump from it. One of the boys dives into the water. A medical worker on the beach teaches students first aid techniques for drowning and respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest (sync., Offscreen). The instructor-resuscitator teaches students on the "Vitim" simulator dummy methods of emergency resuscitation in case of sudden cardiac arrest and respiration. The display records the correct and incorrect actions of the instructor and students. A crowd of people on a city street. A man runs down the street, runs into a telephone booth, dials "03". An ambulance is passing by in the stream of cars. The second part of. The city of Kiev. A student makes an external heart massage on the Vitim exercise dummy. Lungs, heart on the display screen. Children in the playroom of the kindergarten. The girl "heals" the doll. An ambulance car rushes across the bridge. The doctor is in the car. Boys jump from concrete blocks at a construction site, run across a plank through a trench. The board cracks, the boy falls into the trench. The girl puts a splint on the fallen boy's leg. Competition for first aid to conditionally injured with fractures. Ambulance personnel carry a man with a broken leg on a stretcher into the car. The doctor provides medical assistance to the patient in the car. The building of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Shevchenko District. An ambulance car drives through the hospital grounds. Donors donate blood. Doctors are performing surgery. The third part. The city of Kiev. Competition for first aid to conditionally injured with arterial bleeding. An ambulance car pulls up to the Burn Center. A boy with a bandaged head in the ward. Women talk about how their children got burns (sync). The nurse gives the patient an IV drip, changes the bandage. Sandrangers compete in providing first aid to conditionally injured in a fire: they wrap the victim with a sheet, cover with a blanket, give analgin, tea. Firefighters extinguish the flames. Chemical laboratory. The laboratory assistant breaks a bottle of hydrochloric acid. The laboratory assistant washes his hand under the tap. Pedestrians cross the street in the wrong place. Area with road markings in the courtyard of the kindergarten. Girls with toy strollers cross the road at a crossing sign. A boy in the uniform of a policeman regulates traffic at an intersection. The teacher observes the children on the playground, conducts a lesson on traffic signals (sync.). Children tell poems about traffic lights (sinhr.). Raising the flag of the Red Cross in the meadow during the competition of the sandworms. Columns of sandworms are passing by. Awarding the winners of the competition.
V. Shkurin
Film ID
medical services for the population
, road transport
, civil defense
, preschool education
, restcitypopulation
, professional education (secondary)
, rescue case
Number of Parts
A. Radinsky
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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