Realists Stories From the History of Soviet Science

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The film is dedicated to the fate of the outstanding scientists of our time P. L. Kapitsa, M. A. Lavrentyev, A. N. Belozersky. The film included the following filming: an interview with applicants at the admissions office of the institute, P. L. Kapitsa's office, students at the old university building, tests in a wind tunnel, views of London, London students on the city streets, students in Cambridge, P. L Kapitsa in the laboratory with assistants, student classes in the classrooms of the Physics and Technology Institute, Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, A.N.Belozersky giving a lecture to students, students in the laboratory, Academician A.S.Spirin in the laboratory, Corresponding Member V.P. Skulachev in the laboratory, academician M. A. Lavrentyev while walking with a group of employees on a boat, walking along the shore, is at a construction site, views of the taiga (filmed), M. A. Lavretiev with employees at the institute, among students, interviews MA Lavrent'ev, explosions in the mountains, mountain landscapes, MA Lavrent'ev in the courtyard of his house chopping wood, a view of Pushchino, the building of the Institute, Institute staff in the laboratory. World Biophysical Congress, speeches by A. N. Belozersky.
A. Burimsky
Film ID
higher professional education
, scientific connections
, physics
, water transport
, cities
, great britain
, biology
, peoples life
Number of Parts
V. Kolyushev
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Viktorov, L. Nikolaev
Release Date
Has Sound

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