Reason versus Madness

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The film uses materials from the State Film Fund. Chronicle footage. World War I. Combat operations of the ground forces, the air force, the navy. Gas attack. Fraternization of soldiers at the front. Military parades in Germany, Great Britain, Russia. The clergymen of Russia, Austria, Italy bless the soldiers. The funeral of those killed. Queues for bread, a demonstration in Russia. Genoa Conference 1922. Delegates in the meeting room. Delegation of the USSR. G.V. Chicherin. Geneva Conference on Disarmament, 1932-1935. Delegates in the meeting room. Speakers: M. M. Litvinov, Prime Minister of France Tardieu, Henderson (Great Britain), Vandervelde (Belgium). Landscapes of the city of Geneva, Lake Geneva. Munich Agreement 1938. The signing of the agreement by N. Chamberlain, E. Daladier, A. Hitler, B. Mussolini. N. Chamberlain, A. Hitler, B. Mussolini passing in cars. France. City of Paris. Meeting E. Daladier at the airport. Daladier speaks in parliament. Great Britain. Meeting N. Chamberlain at the airport. Germany. 1933 - late 1930s. Military parade. Europe. 1930s. Celebrating Christmas in one of the cities. Christmas tree in the square. Santa Claus. The boys' choir is singing a Christmas song (synchronously). The Second World War. Combat operations of the ground forces, the air force, the navy. Explosions, fires, destroyed cities. Refugees. Prisoners. Killed. Concentration camp Auschwitz. Concentration camp prisoners. The civilian population of devastated settlements. G. Himmler greets and kisses the owner of the company "Krupp". Production processes at the enterprises of the defense industry. Japan. Hiroshima city. 1945 year. Destruction after the atomic bombing. Chronicle footage of the 1950s - 1960s. USA. Military parades, military exercises of the ground forces, the air force, the navy. US military bases in other countries. D. Eisenhower rewards sailors. Senator A. Truman is speaking. D. Eisenhower examines a model of the Soviet lunar rover. Germany West. A parade of supporters of the policy of revanchism. German Chancellor K. Adenauer at the ceremony of conferring the title of Doctor of Science at one of the universities. Europe, [USA]. Street musicians with disabilities. Young people dance rock and roll. Women boxers in the ring. Works of abstract art. Life and everyday life of the poor and poor. Dogs of decorative breeds, belonging to rich people, for a walk, in a hairdresser. Protest demonstrations, strikes in the UK, Japan, Korea. American military pilot Powers. Powers' plane wreck. Powers' flight route map. Nikita Khrushchev speaks at the UN Assembly. Nikita Khrushchev's visits to the USA, France. Cuba. F. Castro on horseback. Horse detachment of Castro's supporters. People in the square of Havana. Africa. Life and everyday life of the poor and the poor. Nshui. Demonstration on the square of one of the cities. No location and date of filming. Chronicle footage. Nuclear explosion.
А. Medvedkin
Film ID
nuclear physics
, leisure
, holidays
, everyday life
, christianity
, situation of various populations
, political connections
, entertainment
, higher state bodies
, espionage
, international organizations
, armed forces
, borbazamir
, cosmonautics
, state security
Number of Parts
V. Usanov
Other Creators
I. Nizhnik (combined shooting), N. Ivanov-Radkevich (composer), A. Zadachin (announcer)
Release Date
Has Sound

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