Red Pola

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The film tells about the revival of the ancient Eskimo holiday Kita-Polya in Chukotka, raises an acute environmental problem associated with the destruction of whales and walruses for the sake of a loss-making polar fox fur farm. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Sea landscape. Shaman with a tambourine by the fire, on the seashore. A group of people on the seashore greets guests from Alaska for the Whale festival. A group of people by a whale on the seashore. Children and adults pull a whale, Eskimo women perform Eskimo dance, participants of the holiday perform rituals of the Whale holiday, take part in various competitions. Eskimo hunting for walrus. Eskimos hunters snatch walrus out of the water. Eskimos perform a ritual dance. Women treat those present with walrus meat. 2 part. Eskimo women are dancing. American Eskimos observe the ceremony. Seeing off guests from Alaska. Hunters go out to sea. Hunting for walruses, for whales. The killed animals are pulled out of the water, butchered on the shore. Making minced meat from the meat of slaughtered animals. Type of fur farm. Arctic foxes in cages. An interview with the foreman of the fur farm L.I. Lunevoy (sync.). Distribution of food to Arctic foxes. 3 part. Panorama of the fur farm. Butchering walrus and whale carcasses. View of a walrus rookery. Interview with State Inspector A.S. Gaevsky (sinhr.). Walruses swim in the water. View of the whale cemetery. Panorama of the Chukotka village. An old Eskimo girl with a piece of whale meat in her hands, eating it. Eskimo woman sews fur clothes. A young girl makes a deer hide. View of figurines carved from a whale bone. Sea landscape.
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animal husbandry
, shamanism
, scenery
, everyday life
, settlements
, usa
, hunting
, international communications
, features of nationality
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