Reflections on the City

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The film tells about a number of problems associated with urban planning, with the preservation and creation of the artistic image of Moscow. The basis of this story is the Master Plan for the Development of Moscow. Sunrise on the Moskva River. Travel over bridges. Garden Ring road. Houses on Kalinin Avenue. An old Moscow mansion. The building of the Moscow City Council. View of Moscow from a helicopter. Luzhniki (pitchfork from above). Domes of the Kremlin cathedrals. An ensemble of modern houses. Skyscraper houses. Tower houses. View of the old city with modern highways. Architect A. Baburov gives interviews (synchronously). Seven maps of Moscow from different periods of its history. Moscow at the beginning of the century. Embankment. Wooden one-story houses, church domes. Market on Sukharevskaya Square. District of Old Moscow. Old Moscow street of the 20s. The carriage is coming. Carts on Red Square. China town. Houses built in the 30s. Council of Ministers building. Telegraph. Planetarium building. , club. Moscow of the 30s. The traffic controller is on the street. Tverskaya street. Demolition of the old building to the house of the Council of Ministers. Metro construction. Old Okhotny Ryad. Mossovet Square. Trading stalls on Lubyanskaya Square. Old Arbat Square. Old and modern view of Kalanchevskaya Street, Garden Ring, Sukharevskaya Square, Mayakovsky Square. Swimming pool "Moscow". Moscow at night. The stars of the Kremlin are burning. New buildings in Moscow. New apartments. Manufacturing of panels at the factory. Children play in the sandbox. Women with strollers. The old women are sitting. Model of the new district Chertanovo-Severnoye. "Passage", "TSUM", "Children's World". Kutuzov Avenue. Izmailovo. Column of demonstrators on the square in front of the building of the Historical Museum. View of Moscow from the National Hotel. The new building of the National Hotel. A wedding cortege near the Alexander Garden. Belorussky railway station. Hotel "Metropol". Vorovsky Square. The old building of the National Hotel. Alley of the public garden on the square of the uprising. Stoleshnikov lane. Puppet Theatre. Rain in Moscow. Cinema "Udarnik". Lenin's Library. Moscow map. New highways. Metro stations "Kolomenskaya", "Kropotkinskaya", "Mayakovskaya". People in the subway. Model of the city of the future. Krutitsy courtyard. Novo-Maiden Monastery. CMEA. The project of the building of the Youth Palace on Frunzenskaya. Hotel project on the square of the Kursk railway station.
A. Gerasimov
Film ID
urban transport
, leisure
, public service
, architecture
, museums
, religious institutions
, theaters
, libraries
, cities
, railway transport
, trade
Number of Parts
L. Zilberg, S. Kononov
Other Creators
Screenplay by E. Maryamov, M. Torchinsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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