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1. Common. 0.9 m Armored cars and soldiers in front of a brick building. NDP. [1917] 2. Cf. 6.6 m A soldier is checking a machine gun on a machine with large wheels, two soldiers are standing nearby. [1917] 3. Common. 4.4 m A Red Army military orchestra is playing on the square. NDP. [1918] 4. Cf. 2.7 m An elderly woman and two men get out of the car, two officers pass by. [1917] 5. Cr. 2.4 m Bulletin of the Council of Workers' Deputies (issue # 1) on the wall. [1917] 6. Common. 14.7 m Red Army soldiers are loaded into a military echelon. NDP. [1918] 7. Cf. 2.1 m A one-story brick building without a roof, smoking after a fire. [1918] 8. Cf. 2.3 m The same, other square. [1918] 9. Common. 1.7 m Destroyed houses. NDP. [1918] 10. Cf. 1.0 m A bearded man sits on the ground and holds the lying boy's hand. [1918] 11. Cr. 3.2 m The same,, The boy occasionally fiddles with the man's hand. [1918] 12. Cr. 0.8 m The same, other square. [1918] 13. Cr. 2.3 m M.I. Kalinin talks with the people around him. [October 8, 1922] 14. Common. 0.4 m Soldiers and an armored car in front of a brick building. [1917] 15. Common. 1.7 m The same, other sq. [1917] 16. Common. 0.3 m Soldiers are standing near a machine gun on a machine with large wheels. [1917] 17. Common. 4.2 m There is a cannon at the wall of the building, soldiers roll a machine gun on a machine with large wheels, stop near the cannon. [1917] 18. Cf. 1.9 m M.I. Kalinin, accompanied by civilians and Red Army soldiers, goes through the shop. Moscow, October 8, 1922 19. Cr 0.7 m The same, other area Moscow, October 8, 1922 20. Wed 5.9 m In the workshop of the 1st Armored Automobile Plant (1st BTAZ, former Russo-Balt in Fili), people are standing near the first Soviet passenger car "Prombron" (an improved version of the Russo-Balt car), banners are hanging everywhere and banners. NDP. Moscow, October 8, 1922
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civil war
, red army
, automobile transport
, destruction
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